A Futurama Riddle - Spoiler for 4/14

What is worse than a Futurama focusing on Bender?

A Futurama focusing on Bender with the subplot focusing on Zoidberg.

Ugh. – and I’m only half way through.

I like Zoidberg and Bender. Who do you want Futurama to focus on?

IMO Bender and Zoidberg are the most interesting and funniest characters of the show.

I swear to god some people would bitch about a wet dream.

“Goddamnit, I woke up this morning screaming, clutching the sheets, my hips rocking spasmodically to an orgasm that seemed to envelop me in a ghostly white light. I’m still trembling from it. Why the hell does this keep happening to me? Worst episode ever.”

Wasn’t Bender a good cook once upon a time, even to the point where he was ordered to make Nibbler’s birthday cake?

In any event, not one of Futurama’s better episodes.

My dreams, on the other hand…

“Amy, you’re the cute one, so I cooked you a pony.”

What’s not to like?

How can you not like an episode that parodies Iron Chef, even down to Kaga’s wardrobe??

We’re big Iron Chef fans, so Mr. Pug and I were giggling hysterically throughout this episode, to the point where we were missing a lot of the lines. We liked Chairman Kaga the best, and also Zoidberg “fingering” the boat inside the bottle with one of his tentacles.

“Oh no…Professor will hit me”


OK, I’ll admit there was a bit of a lull in the middle of the episode, but "Fry Confesses

From the desk of John Zoidberg, M.D." was freakin’ hilarious.


Good news everyone !!!


The ingredient for all the dishes… Soylent Green!!!

My Wife died laughing and later thanked me for maker her watch that movie last year.