A General Thank You To All Of You Who So Helped Me

I confess, I started this thread with the intention of specifically mentioning all of you who were so helpful with advice and, sometimes, get-your-head-out-of-your-butt directives. But, try as I might, I realize that I will inevitably miss someone.

I won’t link to specific, old threads, either. You know who you are!

So anyway, I will be leaving on vacation back to the USA in 8 days, not much of a vacation, really, but mainly to do our daughter’s wedding.

On that topic, I have posed several questions here about this, from the fiancee to the dances I should learn for the wedding. The info has been priceless. I have fought with some of your advice. But, having asked it, I did truly consider it seriously, and sometimes (OK, USUALLY) bit my tongue and took it, just shaking my head…

You know what? It paid off! I am not seen as the evil FOB (Father Of Bride), and I have a really good realtionship with the soon-to-be son in law. I have not learned, exactly, HOW to back off, but I have learned TO back off even when I did not have the instinct to do so. This has paid big dividends.

And, I have learned a lot in general from this as well. I have learned that when you trust a certain community, you are not taking such a big chance going against your prejudices. I have also been reinforced in trusting the bullshit meter when the needle pegs… it hasn’t pegged once in the advice you all have offered me.

I won’t take your time in going on and on, though I truly wish to. But to continue would result in my getting maudlin, and consuming enormous quantities of beer, and I have too much stuff to do.

I will be checking in for the next 2 days, and after that I will be off-line for about a month.

I just wanted to say, again, THANK YOU my dear friends; you have truly made a difference to all of us. I mean that.


The Dope is a wonderful community. My life has been greatly enriched by the people here, and it is cool to see yours has too!

LiveOnAPlane–Thank you!
You are an asset to our online community.

Positive feedback. Ya. Great to hear some stuff is working out.

You’re welcome. I accept cash.

I will gladly send you every cent I have left over after the wedding.

Expect a LARGE envelope soon!! :slight_smile: