A good kitten story to start a new week

I’m sure that this isn’t an ASPCA-approved transportation method, but it makes a good story.

If I had a lawn, or any plant life at all around my house, I’d buy something from the fine folks at Country Home Products, I’ll tell you what. You know what I’m sayin’?

Awwww!!! I want kittens again. My roommate is allergic, so she probably would have nothing of it. Maybe someone can arrange to send me something with hitchhikers in it*, I have a lawn, I’m sure we need a hedgetrimmer! :wink:

[sub]*This post is in no way to be construed in any way that would indicate that I am in favor is kittens being shipped through regular parcel-delivering channels in a hot box. I am, however, in favor of someone giving me kittens![/sub]


How freakin’ cute!
3 weeks old? :eek: It’s amazing they survived the trip!

And ladyfoxfyrewhere were you a couple months back ? :wink:

A few years ago one of my vet’s clients called the clinic with a bit of a problem. The new bathtub his elderly, dog owning mother had ordered had been delivered - with a free bonus. Rather, two free bonuses. Kittens. Call is made to SCL who will always bottle raise kittens.

They are about two weeks old. The little female is solid black and looks remarkably like a Tribble. The male is The Ugliest Kitten I Have Even Seen In My Life.

Black and white, with a potbelly so big you could see the white skin under the black fur. Toothpick legs. Bug eyes. Made noises like something in there, made out of metal, was broken.

Kittens thrive and grow. Mr. SCL names TUKIHESIML “Bill” after the cat in Bloom County. The little female is adopted by a client. Bill is still TUCIHESIML. He’s just not improving.

Bill is weaned and is ready to go to the clinic to be put on display for adoption. He is still incredibly ugly. I already had 5 adult cats and a husband.

Mr. SCL suggests that we keep Bill because “he is so ugly no one will ever adopt him.” I was overjoyed - I was not about to suggest to my husband that we take in another cat, even tho it’s awful hard to let go of them sometimes.


Oh yes. He turned out to be a 12 lb handsome tuxedo cat. He dives into my office trash can at any opportinuty, so we say we have the only “bill” in town that throws itself in the trash.


You go and post all that and then don’t have a link to a pic of Bill?

<grumble mumble> where’s a mod when you need one?

Where was I? Obviously not paying close enough attention! Kittens!

Agh stupid allergic roommate…grumble…grumble…grumble…