A guy who's not afraid to cry.

Alright, I’ve heard a lot of women say they admire a guy who’s “not afraid to cry,” but I’m curious as to how far that goes? I remember my mom went and saw Braveheart with my dad, and every guy I know got a little misty eyed towards the end. Apparently, so did my dad. My mom got so embarrassed by this, that she made sure to walk a good ten feet ahead of him out of the theater.
And anytime a guy starts to share his emotions and gets a little teary-eyed, girls have always talked about “what a baby” he was in the afermath. So, what’s the deal? Is it okay for us guys to cry during truly manly stuff about war and courage, heartfelt emotion, or are you all just setting us up for a good joke?

I think it’s okay. I think when a guy can show he has the balls to not give a shit if he cries, and not give a shit who sees him, then he truly has balls.

I agree with LolaBaby, but I have to admit that when a man is a constant blubberpuss (as was my first college boyfriend) and you can’t get his ass to STOP crying, well… that’s a turn-off.

It’s :cool: as long as it’s not an act! Unless it’s on stage, of course.

Well, provided there’s a ligit reason, then it’s fine.

Um, I don’t think a sports team losing is a ligit reason. :slight_smile:

For years, I can’t hear “America the Beautiful”, “My Country, 'tis of Thee”, “The National Anthem” et al without having tears streaming down my face.
Do I mind?.. not at all
Do I try to hide it?.. not a chance

If a guy is bursting into tears regularly, then it’s a bit much. I don’t care for it when women cry constantly either. But I find it very touching when a man is able to allow himself to be moved to tears by something. My stepdad got all misty when I told him the story of how UncleBill proposed, and I thought that was very sweet.

All right. I admit it. I cry all the time. Often when removing bullets with my k-bar knife, or when stitching up my own wounds.

Does this make me less of a man?


I know how you feel, Lightnin’. Those k-bars are a bitch to clean. I can’t stand it either.

Seriously, my wife felt for me the times I’ve been moved to cry. Then again, I don’t cry that much.

It’s OK to cry but not to be a Crybaby.

Ex. OK for man to cry:
Child’s birth, death of pet or loved one, real pain, you might lose us, etc.

Ex. NOT OK for man to cry:
“I lost my keys, my toe hurts, my computer crashed, I dont want to eat spinach, etc.”

On the other hand, it is OK and fine for a woman to cry at any given time. :smiley:

Miamouse- what if during the computer crash, the guy loses much of his original writing that he never (d’oh!) backed up?

Happened to me.

Men can cry if they’re gay. Otherwise they have to be taunted until dead. It’s in the sacred texts of Manhood.

Eternal! What are you doing letting secrets out from The Text like that? I smell an excommunication a comin’…

“I can cry. It’s usually when I’ve hurt myself, but…”
Steve Martin in LA Story.

Well when I was a teen there were a couple of incidents of me publicly crying in school.

This did not seem to help at all in the girlfriend department.

Maybe I needed to cry more?

Sorry, that happened. I hope you at least had printouts or your original notes. Nah, I’m talking about the person who only uses his PC as a web surfing device.

Teenage girls tend to not be comfortable with guys who are not wholly “masculine,” which is part of the problem. Men get negative reinforcement early on, so they learn to hide it. Many women, once they grow up a bit, learn that maybe having a guy who is capable of showing emotions other than rage or lust is a good thing.

I’m not a guy but the exact same thing happens to me. I thought I was the only one.

The approximation is – if she’s not embarrased of displaying emotions in public herself, chances are she won’t mind you doing the same. If she does her darndest not to cry, ever, under any circumstances if one living soul can see her (including you), it might not be such a good idea to cry in front of her.

The question is, what are you crying over? Your own carelessness? :stuck_out_tongue: