A guy's begging for money in the library...

Well, to call it begging seems a little harsh, but I don’t know what other word to use.

I don’t know if anyone else has encountered this sort of situation, but once in a while, I’d say about once a week, a guy comes into the library and walks around handing out a small pamphlet like thing. Inside it shows how to do sign language for all the letters of the alphabet, and on the front, it says something along the lines of (rough paraphrasing) “I’m a deaf/mute person that cannot find work. Please support me by donation.” and “Suggested donation: $2” After he places it down, about five minutes later, if no one offers him money, he picks up the pamphlets again and leaves.

So far, when he places it on the desk I’m at, aside from glancing at what it is, I’ve pretty much ignored him.

I’m wondering what if I should say something to the people in charge at the library for this. He’s not disturbing anyone or anything, at least not that I know of. He just makes his rounds quietly, but it is becoming to be a weekly annoyance, and it’s beginning to irk me for an reason I can’t seem to put into words.

So, what to do? Say something or just put up with it?

Librarian checking in. You should say something, definately. Let them know you feel uncomfortable. Let them talk to the guy. They’re trained.

Unfortunately, there’s probably not much they can do, forcefully. Libraries (even university libraries) are public places–one of the few where homeless people can, theoretically, get information about jobs, access the internet, and get free education. They’re loathe to shut anyone out.

I don’t know what the panhandling laws are up north, or how they’d apply to the signage. If he’s disruptive, or smelly (I’m serious), there’s more librarians can do to intervene.

I was handed one of the cards while waiting for a table at a restaurant. When I asked for his name with sign language he gave me a funny look and grabbed the card. As he walked away I called out to him that he dropped something. He turned, looked at me and flipped me off.

I once made a pit thread…I have no idea how long ago…of this situation. It usually happens to me in informal restaurants or just hangoing out around town. Apparently it is common, and many of the people who do it are fraudsters. Furthermore, in this day and age, I think we can agree that being deaf or hearing impaired no longer condemns someone to having to live off of the hearing’s pity, unless there is a futher handicap.

Actually I suspect that there are employers out there who would really want to hire a deaf worker, and not see it as a liability. We aren’t living in a Dickens novel are we?

They’ve come in to the office with their sign-language cards, selling nail clippers for $2. I bought several pairs then declined when the next one came in. I tried to just give the guy the money but he got all offended and huffed out. Which was kind of stupid of him, really. shrug Hey, I just don’t need any more nail clippers, dude. Sorry.

I don’t think much can be done about the library guy either. I can understand why it’s irksome but we’re Canadian, eh? If we can tolerate the Ottawa Dog & Pony Show, we can tolerate anything. :wink:

Well, I’ve decided I’m not going to say anything. I’ve thought about it, and he’s seriously not doing me any harm. I think, though, he might eventually go away. I asked a couple of my friends last night who attend the same school, and they said they encounter him from time to time in the library too, but always ignore him. I never see anyone else give this guy money either, so eventually, he just might give up…