A legal serious legal question for the teeming millions.

My husband and I find ourselves in serious financial jeopardy; involving divorce/401K/IRS, etc.
Does anyone have a clue where a person can go for help resolving legal issues when:

you can’t afford a lawyer? (which is why we’re in this spot in the first place) We have been advised by many people in the legal field that there was a gross injustice done…but we can’t take care of it without legal help…and on and on.

Please, I am not asking for advice or comment on how badly this was handled or from people who just want to discuss. I really am only asking for direction.


Try www.familylawsoftware.com that site has lots of information that you may find helpful. It even breaks it down state by state.

Good luck


Try a legal aid society in your state or city (look up ‘legal aid’ and your state on the internet). Lawyers do a certain amount of ‘pro bono’ (at no cost) work, it’s just a matter of introducing the needy client and the properly experienced attorney. You may also want to try and talk with an attorney and work out a contingency payment plan, if there may be an award at the end of your trials and tribulations.

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After a little looking, I found this at http://www.legal-aid.com.

Legal Aid Society of Orange County - information on free legal services in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Includes Community Legal Services for portions of southeast/south central Los Angeles County.

I’m sure there is some form of legal aid near you. Get help soon. Good luck.

“The intellectuals’ chief cause of anguish are one another’s works.”
Jacques Barzun
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When I was in school, the law school at my university had a program for their students that provided some pro bono legal help for deserving folks; you might check if there are any such programs at any law school near you.

Also, another thought is that a lot of the questions regarding issues you mentioned might be adressed as effectively and with less expense by a CPA. Don’t call blind if you can help it; ask your friends AND associates for referrals. I say that because I recognize not everybody relies on a CPA, so I’m recommending that, should your close friends not yield a referral, try for a referral from some people you’ve been happy with in your business dealings before you just let your fingers do the walking in the phone book.

Good luck, Lew!

Having worked in legal aid in law school I can tell you that they are a good resource, however [at least at my alma mater] we were limited to the types of cases that we could take. If there was any chance the plaintiff would recover money we couldn’t take the case, as any money generating cases went to a list of attorneys that would take the case on a lower retainer basis. In short, we couldn’t take money out of their pockets if we wanted to stay in business. We were kept to indigent clients in misdemeanor or low level felonies.

With that out of the way, I would suggest that you call your local legal aid office. There is a directory of legal aid offices around the country that most legal aid clinics have in their possession. I referred clients [mostly students] to legal aids in their hometown areas many times by using the directory.

You could also venture to a local law school and check out the directories or call the local chapter of the bar association and ask for a low cost legal referral.

Good luck.

Hey, thanks to all of you for your input. I used your links and did find a place in Sacramento I’ll call tomorrow.

FYI-I called Legal Aid last year and they basically told me there was nothing they could do. We do not fall within their income limits. This problem has been snowballing now for 4 years and our debt is beyond reason; they don’t seem to take this into consideration. So, at this point; We make too much money for legal-aid, but we may lose everything because we can’t pay the ex or the IRS, much less an attorney. Oh well…any other thoughts would be appreciated…otherwise, thanks again. (Boy, this is weird to talk about like this.)