A letter that could change my life....

I am about to drive to my parents’ house to open a letter (all my mail is sent there…). This letter could possibly change my life. I should know better than to think too possitively, but I have put all my hope into this little letter. I want it to be good news so badly. If it is, I will no doubt cry all weekend and party my ass off at the same time. All my hard work and dissapointment for the last 2.5 years will have paid off. I will have finally satisfied a lifelong goal…
If it is bad news (which I have become so used to, but for some reason this one will be different; more devastating- maybe because I have had my hopes up so high for this one) I will no doubt cry all weekend and get really drunk.
I guess either way, I will cry and be drunk. But I NEED this to be good news. If it is bad news, it might just break me. How much denial and dissapointment can one man take???

On the other hand, this could be a neutral letter. It may just be requesting more information or something. In that case, I will no doubt cry and get really drunk in celebration of it NOT being bad news…

Anyway… I know it is a weekend and this will not get many replies, but if you happen to be on the boards today, WISH ME LUCK, please!!!

I will let everyone know how things went. I am not sure when I will get back here to do so, though. If it is bad news, it may take longer…
Anyway, thanks for listening… Here I go… about to have my life changed forever- or maybe just kept the same with added misery…

Umm… While I have no idea what this could possibly be about, I’m all for good news over bad or even neutral, soooo…

Happy thoughts, Bear_Nenno!

Well, good luck to you Bear, but allow me to remind you that only one person in the country takes the Publisher’s Clearing House Grand Prize.

Seriously, though, don’t take disappointment so seriously. It makes the victories all that much more sweet.

Its probably neutural,

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Good luck Bear I hope it turns out the way you want :slight_smile:

Okay, well, whatever it is, I wish you the best of luck. I would hate for it to be bad news.

Best luck to ya, Bear; hope it goes well for you.

Le Sang

Good luck, Bear_Nenno!!!

::sending all the good luck vibes I can::

A letter that changed my life was the letter “K”.
Hope you get the letter you are looking for.

IIRC, Nenno wanted to switch jobs to something with law enforcement, so perhaps this deals with that?

In any event, GOOD LUCK! hugs :slight_smile:

jeez, and I thought it would be the letter “Q” that could change your life.

Good Luck :smiley:

Thanks everyone!!!

The letter was neutral- they needed copies of some documents. Actually, I would say this is a little better than neutral because I could assume it means they are interested in me. If they were not interested, why bother requesting the extra info…
Anyway, I had nothing but negative thoughts all the way to my parents’ that by the time I opened it and so it was neutral, all I thought was, “Oh… well the next one will be a denial anyway.” I completely ruined the moment for myself by getting in that negative mindset.
This whole thing was really just a false alarm. I was just shocked to get a letter at all from them- especially so soon. And I just panicked! As a rule of thumb, phone calls= good, letters= bad. But this department has not been like any of the others at all. So it would not suprise me that they would send a ‘good’ letter. In fact, after my interview, I immediately received a letter asking me to sign something so they could conduct a background check. This one is technically a neutral letter, but I was soooo excited when I read it. Anything that is not a “Piss off” letter really excites me.

Want to know what the hell I’m talking about?? Sorry about being so vague, but this is the kinda thing where explaining one thing, leads to more questions and the need for more explanation. I will try to give you a little more insight:
Falcon is correct. Except it’s not really a job “switch”. Law Enforcement has always been my goal. All I’ve been doing is killing time until I can get hired. Since I graduated the academy in December of 1998, I really thought I would be hired by now.
This particular letter came from the Gulfport Police Department. Gulfport is a tiny little rich beach city surrounded by St. Petersburg, FL. I recently had an interview with them that went unbelievably!! I’ve never had such a great interview before. These guys asked me questions about my knowledge and understanding of laws, gave me some “what would you do scenarios”, and asked several ethical type questions like, “You pull over a vehicle for running a stop sign and it turns out to be the Chief’s daughter- what do you do?”
I completely kicked ass in this interview!! I have had several interviews in the past for other departments, but none of them had ever asked decent, relative questions. None had ever cared about my knowledge or abilities or anything like that. (isn’t that nuts??!? maybe this would explain why so many incompetent fucks get hired)
The other interviews always seemed to be focused on my shitty job history and other crap that makes me a less-than-desirable candidate.
I have applied with over a dozen departments. I have taken and passed many written and physical test, and polygraph examinations. I have made it to various stages of the hiring process with different departments. Just when it seems to be looking good, I get the letter.
A denial from Gulfport would be exceptionally bad since I did so well in the interview.
My ultimate goal has always been to work for the Tampa Police Department. Since they have already turned me down, I need to put in a few years at another department and then I could re-apply there. But, who knows, I might like Gulfport so much that I’ll stay.
Thanks for the support everyone!!

Oh, and I didn’t drink too much yesterday. But it wasn’t because of the letter, it was because there was a kick ass annual parade here last night!!! Had a lot of fun!!