My Tuesda Job Interview. Luck Needed

On Tuesday, I drive 200 miles to Chattanooga to interview for a new job with State of Tennessee, Transportation, in the Personnel Section.

Personnel Analyst 2.

I’ve never worked in Personnel, and I’m nervous.

It would be great1 $5000 more a year the first year, a raise of $2000+ a year thereafter.

I used to live in Chattanooga. Beautiful mountains, great community, friendly town. Museums, parks, swimming in the TVA lakes.

Old friends, too.

Wish me luck.

With this headcold, I need it.

I hope I don’t have bronchitis.

Hey, Bosda. As a RUP (Recently Unemployed Person) myself, let me be the first to wish you a successful interview.

Good luck, Bosda. :slight_smile:

Or, as they say in Animese: Fortune bonus good you have hope I. I think.

Slyly get them going on a Samurai vs. European knight discussion and act real casual about it as you begin to wow them with your lengthy knowledge and you’ll do fine.

I ask my brother how to say “good luck” in Japanese, and this is apparently how: hellivanho.

Hellivanho, Bosda from Tricor, son of Di, son of Chi! Hellivanho. :wink:

Much luck to ya, Bosda!

Best of luck!

And is it just me or does “hellivanho” sound too much like “hell if I know?” I think your brother might be pulling a fast one on ya.

Good Luck !

Good luck, Bosda, here’s hoping you not only get the job but it pays enough for you to make Pennsic (or some other event in Aethelmearc) next year!


Is it too late to say “good luck”? I hope not.

Good luck.

Good luck to you! Come back and tell us how it went.

Today was the worst day I’ve had in years that didn’t involve a trip to the hospital. My life is dog doody.

On the way down to Chattanooga, just past Normandy Dam, a cop pulled me over.

I was puzzled.

He asked to see my license & registration.

Then, he asked me to step out of the car.

Then, my good dress pants got caught on a spring in the seat cushion. I didn’t have a hole there yesterday. I couldn’t get loose!

The cop snapped at me to get out of the car now!

I reached down to free myself, with my hands at waist level to reach the seat of my trousers…


He had his pistol halfway out of the holster. :eek:

I tore my pants getting out of the car with my hands up.

It took awhile to straighten things out.

It seems that my car’s plates were two years out of date! :confused:

I got a ticket. Only the second or third I’ve gotten in 20 years.

Why didn’t the State send me a renewal notice?:confused:

Then I notice that the letter of referral that I had was missing! It had blown out of the car, unnoticed!

That’s when I noticed the oil stain on my clean white dress shirt. The hingles on the glove compartment. Ug.

I got there early, as I had to cross a time zone, and I didn’t know if the appointment was Eastern or Central time.

I just stopped in to check. I figured that I’d have time to buy a new shirt & pants at K-Mart, & still look good.

But the early appointment was a no-show, and they insisted on seeing me right away.

During the perfunctory interview, I realized that they had never considered hiring me in the first place! I drove 200 miles for nothing.

When I got home, I stepped in cat vomit in the garage.

Then I spent the afternoon running around, trying to get my license plates.

It would take those County Clerk people half an hour to peel a grape!!

The State is sending my notifications to the wrong address!

And I’m $160 in the hole!

And I haven’t even contacted the court yet!!! Or paid the fines!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

Shoot me. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

OK, Bosda, that makes 3 of us. My day was bad enough that unemployment started looking good!

I’m sorry it didn’t go well. Wish I could say something more helpful, but all I can offer is a hug.


Aww, man, Bosda. :frowning: Sorry to hear you had such a rotten day.

Bosda! No, no no! You’re supposed to tell us how well it went!

I’m sorry it didn’t go well for you. :frowning:

I’m sorry bout that, Bosda.


Hugs Bosda.

I am sorry your day didn’t go well.

$200 blown in one day.

For nothing.

And the cost’s still rising!

My stomach hurts.

Oh Bosdababy, I’m so sorry about your crapindicular day.

That sucks mucho backsido.

Big hugs, sweetie!

Bosda, it probably won’t help much, but I’ve got hugs for ya - {{{Bosda}}}

Yeesh, pal, that sucks. {{{Bosda}}}

Did the cat survive? :slight_smile:

Sounds like the fates decided that job was a bad fit for you, if you believe in those sorts of karmic events. Bummer all the same.