Things may be looking up

I hope I don’t jinx it, but my new job search made progress today.

Yesterday while looking in careerbuilder I found a job that sounded perfect for me, while filling out the application I got a call from HR of that company asking me if I were interested in applying for the job!

I had a phone interview today that went better than any interview I have ever had. Since I have dogs I drove to a cemetary nearby so if they started barking they would not bother the phone call. During the interview 28 ravens sat on various tombstones and stared at me. I answered every question perfectly and was told at the end I had eliminated all other candidates. If they like me face to face, the job is mine.

Fingers crossed, hope the ravens bring good luck.

Crosses every piece and appendage she can cross while still being able to function

Best wishes!


Good luck! I hope it works out for you.

Is there a myth about ravens and luck that I am unaware of?

Good luck! I hope it works out. When is the next interview?

That does sound very encouraging! Congratulations on finding such a great job lead. Sounds like it’s almost in the bag…

Crossing my fingers & toes for you!

Thanks for the good wishes.


Being from the backwoods of Tennessee, pretty much everything means good/bad luck, but Ravens flocking around always meant something. I will assume good luck unless I don’t get the job.