A link only available in China...or this is strange

I was looking for a link for buckcherry’s Crazy Bitch video when I clicked on this link.

(hopes that some friendly person will help me learn to make hyperlinks soon)

Anyhow…it just flabbergasted me that China is not letting the rest of the world look at their remakes of songs.

Is this normal?

Should I just crawl back under my rock?

I guess you could mask your IP to view it.

To make a hyperlink that has a name assigned to it, click the little Globe/Infinity Symbol(chain link) button on the post box. Put your URL in it and then type the message to go with it.

I assume that is what you meant by the “hyperlink” you want to learn how to make.

I can see it, and I’m in rural Canada.

Non-rural Canada and I can see it too.

Maybe it’s only visible in countries beginning with “C”?

I had to hack it to get it. Holy shit. I have never seen anything like that video before. I don’t speak Chinese but I didn’t need it to understand. Did anyone else get serious creeps from it? I don’t know if I should wake the kids up tonight and head to the mountains or just wait and hope it is a joke.

I’m in China, and the link works.
Using a VPN through the US, I got “Sorry, but this video is currently available within China only.”
UK works.
Canada works.
France works.
Germany works.
Netherlands works.

Looks like it’s available everywhere but the US.

Was this the same video I saw? A metal or punk band, kinda blurry? I only watched a small amount of it; did something creepy happen?

I can see it from Japan. It seems like Buckcherry’s ‘Crazy Bitch’ to me. What exactly is strange about it?

Do you mean chinese songs in particular, or country filtering in general?

If the latter, BBC only lets the UK use their iPlayer, and neither Hulu nor The Daily Show can be viewed outside of the U.S.

(The Daily Show pisses me off incredibly, as the net is full of their embedded videos, all of which fail to play and redirect to the crappy Comedy Network website.)

Link worked for me from Thailand.

I sometimes get “Link not available in your country” for U.S.A. videos. (I’ve guessed this means they don’t want to waste bandwidth when the commercials will be inapplicable. Wrong?)

Is the hacking something an ignoramus like me could do with a normal ISP connection? (And what creeps? Did this video change?)

I often watch Daily Show from its own website; have no complaints.

Link works here in India.

Works this side of Wagah as well.

Could you guys give a summary to the lazy?

I think the reason that Canadians can’t, but a lot of others can, is that the Comedy Network has the exclusive rights to TDS in Canada, watching it from Comedy Central’s site takes away from that.

If you’re not in Canada, you don’t have an exclusive contract with anyone, so the Comedy Network has no beef with you.

I think a lot of the Chinese pirate streaming sites (like Youku) will ban or limit access from the US in a half-assed attempt to discourage criticism about intellectual property theft from US companies and the US government. They feel like they can argue that IT theft in China is an internal problem and US companies should only worry about IT theft in the US.

I was about to say the same thing. But I’m surprised they are being so blatant about it. Every time I’ve seen that error message, the error was in Chinese, and I assumed they were lying and saying that the video had been taken down. I would expect that to do a better job of keeping the IP police off of you.