A little head

Just caught a commercial for Mike’s Hard Ice Tea where a guy had grown a second little evil head. Pretty funny, but I got to thinking…

What if you grew a second head and, not only was it not evil, was rather nice?

What if it was well spoken, intelligent, and liked by all?

What if after a while people actually preferred the new head to you? And when you wanted to have it removed, everyone voted you “off the island”?

Now THAT would suck!!

Sounds like the punchline to a joke:

Guy find a lamp and on rubbing it a beautiful Genie appears. She is so grateful to be released that she grants him three wishes.

For his first wish, he asks for fabulous wealth. Poof, he has an enormous supply of gold and precious stones.

For his second wish he asks be incredibly handsome. Poof, he is suddenly the most beautiful man in the world.

The Genie asks what he’d like for his final wish. He looks at the beautiful Genie and says, “How about a little head?”

This reminds me of a movie I saw with a funny satire on advertising: How to Get Ahead in Advertising, in which an advertising executive grows a second (evil) head.
Funny thing though, when I was trying to find the movie at IMDB, I also discovered this one:
The Lump

JamesCarroll, did you write that script?