'I've grown a 2nd evil head' Unbelievable!

Has anyone seen this new Mike’s Hard Lemonade commercial? I didn’t think it was possible but they more than topped their previous ‘invading alien gorillas’ one! The way the guy’s new head just groans and stares at the girls chest! Freakin’ hilarious!

Sorry, it’s been done already. That ad is completely derivative of Bruce Robinson’s How To Get Ahead In Advertising (1989, with Richard E. Grant and Rachel Ward), an over-the-top satire flick about advertising, rampant consumerism, social snobbery, and really nasty boils. Although it’s not as funny as Robinson’s Withnail & I (but almost nothing is), it definitely has its moments. Rent it today! :slight_smile:

And I’d just like to add that IMHO liquored-up lemonade (and I’m guessing that Mike’s is neither good booze nor good lemonade) is strictly for teens – teens who lack the experience, taste, good judgment, and sophistication to stay sober or at least drink decent booze :wally – teens, who it would appear, (hey, I don’t want to get sued for libel) are the unethically and illegally targeted audience of those awful commercials!

I’d just like to point out it is a hard ice tea comercial. My favorite part of it is the woman’s reaction. All of the Mike’s comercials are very entertaining.

As for the new tasty liquors I think they are aimed at people who realize alcohol tastes like the burning death it is but still want to experience the loss of control, social embarasement and head splitting hang overs that alcohol can bring.

I thought this thread was going to be about Army of Darkness. Oh well.

So, if that’s all the head I was born with does, should I be worried?

And what’s wrong with the unadulterated taste of burning death?

In any event, the drink de jour would have to be the mint julep. :slight_smile:

Mint julep is the drink de jour for the day of the Kentucky Derby. I don’t know about today, but for tomorrow, the drink de jour would have to be Corona. Perhaps tequila, but that stuff is evil fire-water.

Oh, today is the day of the Kentucky Derby. I guess I’m just not really paying enough attention. I was thinking it was when the Indy 500 is (and the drink de jour is boring old non-alcoholic milk).

I can do ya one better. My first thought on seeing the title was of the movie The Thing With Two Heads of 1972. Also well worth renting.

However my second thought a second later was or that commercial. Both of which creep me out in a weird way. Somebody’s doing something at the ad agency for these things.

I think the alien one needs to be expanded to a 95 minutes block-buster action movie. I’d like to know more about them.