Mikes Hard Lemonade commercial.

Did you see this? The guy is trying to schmooz some girl, and suddenly an alien beast from outer space kidnaps her. It’s really strange. See, kids. This is why you shouldn’t do acid. You’ll grow up to make really weird commercials.

Ive seen it several times today and I find it very funny. I love the total randomness of it. You gotta give them credit for having the balls for making that ad. Its classic in my book. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen it only once, and nearly fell out of my chair laughing at it–but, I’ve noticed that the commercials for Mike’s have always been slightly off-center, anyways. One of the aspects of advertising is to get a brand name into your head. In this case, it’s worked rather well.

The one where the guy got impaled on steel rebar was the coolest, by far.

LMAO…I love those commercials…teehee… :smiley:

Yeah, I like those ads, but the aliens scare the… uh, lemonade out of me.

Maybe I’m not watching the commercials right (I do seem to come after it begins) but isn’t the ‘girl’ his wife or SO?

Oh, damn! My wife just bought these boots for me!

Always use eye-protection when using power tools and Q-Tips.

[hijack, yet closely related] Anyone seen the Midas commercials with the old woman who wants them to do something for her boobies? There are two versions! On network tv, we see her from the back as she holds her coat open to expose herself to the Midas guy. But the version I only see on Comedy Central has the same camera angle but instead of holding the coat open she takes it off completely and drops it to the floor and we see her bare back (one can only imagine the front is as saggy) I don’t remember ever seeing alternate versions of the same commercial running concurrently.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled commercial discussion [/hijack, yet closely related]

Have you seen the bolboard that says:
** celebrate the holidays. like tuesday.**

It’s my motto.

I liked the one where the guy got his hand or arm chopped off, then he orders the lemonade… and the bartender slides the bottle down the table at him. Since he has no hand it just kind of whooshes by as he watches it, then you hear it break off screen. I found that extremely funny. :slight_smile:

I’m not buying Mike’s anymore until I am explained why it comes in mere 11.2 oz bottles. Smirnoff Ice tastes exactly the same to me, and comes in 12 oz bottles for the same price. Yeah, I know it’s just .8 oz x 6 or 12, but I do have some principles.

Ah, don’t feel bad, Elwood. I’d get Smirnoff anyway even if Mike’s came in the same quantity and even if it cost a bit less.

I almost yacked when I saw the Mikes Hard Lemonade commercial with the guy and his evil 2nd head. That sh*t is too nasty to show on television. I have enough problems with gore and horror at the age of 29. I feel really bad for any little kids who watch those commercials.

JuanitaTech, I think the kidnapped woman was his girlfriend “Yeah, and I really liked her too” was his comment to the guy standing next to him.

The ads got my attention, but no matter what they call it, its still “malt liquor” in a fancy package… I’ll stick to St. Ides…

In the near future, all non-alcoholic beverages will be required by law to have a Mike’s hard version.

Mike’s Hard Milkshakes? Mike’s Hard Coffee? Mike’s Hard Buttermilk?

Mike must be stopped!

(The lemonade is good stuff, though.)


I loved the Iced Tea. Tasted like Nestea & got me drunk at the same time! Mmmmm. And the second-head commercial didn’t scare my kids at all. They both thought it was very funny & went straight out to by me another 4-pack. :wink:

Mike’s Hard Pepto-Bismol?

Really lockfist? I laughed so hard when I saw that commercial I could barely breath. I still can’t watch it without at least chuckling. Something about the extra head just really amuses me.

Did you see the one commercial where it accuses people who dont drink Mikes Hard Lemonade of being anti-semites? That one wierd me out a little bit.