Good God this commercial is creepy...yet funny

Baja Starburst.

Damn…I mean…just damn.


Demented. Genius.

My brain just melted.

Awesome. Oh, the hilarity.

I love that commercial! My girlfriend knows to call me into the room whenever it comes on.


Por que?

Took balls it did. Very impressive.

I was sure this was about that icky Brawny commercial.

“Someone’s been a naughty boy”

What *is that spooje that “Mr. Parker” is cleaning off the counter? :eek:

I love that starburst commercial! It’s horrifying and disturbing, but it’s hilarious! I hope they continue with the sick humor.

I want a ride like that at a waterpark.

I love it when commercials take the standard stupid commercial cliches as a premise and then look at what would actually happen in that circumstance. Like the Sprite commercial where an anthropomorphic sun jumps out of the bottle of Sunny Fizz and talks about how great it is, and the family runs screaming in terror.