A little something I wrote

This is a poem I wrote, please tell me what I think. I doesn’t have a title. I have some others if you’d like to see them.

I try to get up, I stumble then fall.
I’m facing my demons, facing myself.
Facing my mirror image, can’t get a grip. I live in my own hell, can’t get out. My demons in my head I can feel them. Takin me down, Takin my happiness. Time to face them. Time to face myself. My mirror image stares back, Gotta get a grip.

Time to break free. Start living again.
I give, you take. That’s the way it goes. I get nothing, you get everything. Not that I expect anything from you. Time to face it. You don’t love me, never will.

My demons in my head I can see them. Beatin me down, Robing me of my happiness. I face my mirror image. I face myself. My mirror image stares back. I have a grip. I’m breakin out, I feel so alive

You’re not worth it anymore.


Mirror, mirror, on my wall
Who is the biggest fool of them all
Wait a minute, I believe I see
The answer staring, back at me~Diamond Rio~

Liked, your poem, BTW.

Great poem… I really like it!

There once was a man named Charles Mingus…

Never mind.