A long wall of text of my take regarding the current Eren in "Attack on Titan", including a spoiler tag. Thoughts?

A. This is just my head canon-type thought but consider this: O.K., so in "Naruto"the Divine Tree was similar to similar to how Kaguya in Naruto was hailed as a both a goddess and a demon/devil because of her power. Ymir having the Power of the Titans’ gave her simultaneously the power of a goddess and the power of a devil.So, the Source of All Living Matter is the AoT equivalent of that. Likewise, both trees are similar to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Book of Genesis and similar trees in various mythologies.

Given that Ymir Fritz had such an awful power, if we are to have a divine force that can perform the Talk no Jutsu to get Eren out of his Chaotic Evil form, now is the time. I know that it likely would be some figurative ass-pull, but if the Titanverse equivalent of God is to possess and manifest a character to talk Eren out of his Chaotic Evil, it would have to be the right vessel. To me, that vessel would either be Armin, Mikasa, or Historia. I honestly see it being Armin or Mikasa pulling a Talk no Jutsu to Eren considering how close those 3 are or have been.

Given how far Eren has crossed into the Dark Side, divine intervention would be interesting. That is, we have the Titanverse equivalent of the Devil reminding Eren of Eren’s evil side. Then we potentially get the verse’s equivalent of God reminding Eren of the good that he used to have and how he is nearly too far or outright too far past the point of redemption. If we are to have the Titanverse version of both God and the Devil manifest themselves to perform the Talk no Jutsu to get Eren about f his Chaotic Evil form, now is the time.

Note: For the record, I have been skim/speed-reading the AoT main series since Th. and I will next be reading Ch. 68. My goal is to by the last weekend in Jan. to be caught up with all the main series chapters. So, I have been relying on the questionable accuracy of the AoT Wik for various info points. Thus, my discussion points between now and until I have read the most recent main series chapter might display my “ignorance of knowledge”, so to speak.

B. In “Return of the Jedi”, Obi-Wan says that Darth Vader betraying and murdering Anakin was true from a certain POV. Well, to a degree that is true. Anakin’s “good” side was really taken over by his “evil” side. Well, a similar thing could be applied to Kaguya in “Naruto”. Heck, I would apply the same to Eren. When all 3 crossed over to the Dark Side, the “OG” or "good’ versions of each character that their friends, families, and enemies knew them to be “died”. Of course,

a. However, that essentially became a retcon of sorts as my understanding is when the OG Star Wars film was written, there was no plan to have Anakin be Darth Vader. So, the whole Obi-Wan lying to Luke about how Anakin died is a “retroactive lie”, so to speak.

From a metaphorical POV, Ymir may have very well been gifted the Power of the Titans from a devil. That is, when she was first given the Power of the Titans, I would she became a devil so to speak in the sense that her “good” self" was “betrayed and murdered” by her “evil” side.


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