Gods & goddesses

So, who would you be?
Ura & I were chatting about mythology & said:

We’re not going for names, just characteristics, types - invent your own god(dess). So who would you be?

Silver Fire: Goddess of all things hot, fiery, and of the silver colored variety? Ummm…I’m not very imaginative. Help me out here, someone! :slight_smile:

Giraffe: god of all things tall, gangly and leggy.

Totem animals: giraffes, great danes, and Heather Graham.

Ok, Giraffe gets all supermodels too - better sign up quickly before all the good things are taken. I get computers - after all, where would chaos be without computers?

Athena: (waaaaay back when) Goddess of Wisdom
Athena: (the new improved modern version) Goddess of Fighting Ignorance

hey, Athena was a warlike chick even then (not sure the Greeks would have dared call her a chick though!). Fight away…

Hmmm…what about me? Goddess of smiley faces? Goddess of sugar? Goddess of all things hyper-ish?

I can’t think of any good ones. Someone come up with one for me.

Akatsukami: Japanese word meaning “incarnate deity”, formerly used as a title by the tenno.

How about hypergirl, Goddess of Ritalin™? :smiley:

I get all the supermodels? Cool! Although the title “god of supermodels” makes me sound like Ru Paul…

Barnaby, the Pagan god of misplaced decimal points.

silent_rob: God of magic, filmmaking, poor film students, and guys named Rob. :smiley:

Totem animals: White Rabbits, Penguins, Polar Bears, Animal Crackers.

Thor - 'cause he had the coolest comic book.

If I could be a God I would be any of these folks:

Dopus: God of the SDMB!!!

Somnium: God of the unperceived reality and governing deity inside the confines of The Matrix.

Fartus: God of gaseous emanations.

Quantum: God of subatomic particles.

Orgasmus: God of…well I think you don’t need an explanation for that.

I was going to suggest hypergirl: Goddess of Caffeine, Slayer of the Demon Ritalin.

Me, I’m stuck with the God of Satanic Condiments…totem animals: bankrupt TV psychics. D’oh!

sandyr: Goddess of useless, uninformative, mediocre posts :smiley:

Mirth- goddess of laughter (of course); also goddess of buxom brunettes.

Monchichi: goddesss of all things cute and cuddly!!

Totem animals: monkey type creatures that suck their thumbs :wink: and kittens.

Kat: Cat Goddess, of course. It’s official and everything.

Totem Animals: Felines of all types

Javatania: Goddess of all sweet things good to eat, especially chocolate.

Totem Animals: chocolate labradors

Blessed Tree: Cacao tree

Doobieous: God of invented languages, and obsessing over plants.

Totems: babel fishes :slight_smile:

Sacred tree: Parajubaea coccoides