A male ejaculation question

It has been my observation over many years of “experimentation” that I have two ejaculations in me. The first being the typical volume, the second (and I mean with no intervening detumescence) a smaller volume one that comes about after much additional genital stimulation. My question has to do with the volume of this second ejaculation. It, while not as copious (seemingly standard sex word to describe volume), it seems to be on the order of 10-20 percent as copious as the first. Where does it come from? Why didn’t I exhaust my full volume the first time around? Is it analogous to urine backed up in the ureter?

Before we can answer your question, we must know what you intend to do with the information.

It just one of my nagging questions. I suppose when they’re all answered, I can die.

Only two? HAH!

The only thing I could find on this was, “The normal volume in ejaculation is 1.5ml to 5ml.” As a WAG, I would say there is a lower volume because you have just expended the previously built up volume, and it is still replenishing.

Think eye dropper. If you hold an eye dropper under water, bulb down and continuously squeeze, you’ll eventually exhaust all of the air and fill it with water. Now remove the dropper and squeeze. Measure the volume of water ‘ejaculated’. Relax the bulb and squeeze again. You will probably see less water in this second ‘ejaculation’ because there wasn’t a full resevoir. Relaxing and squeezing again will typically yield only a drop or two.

Were you able to go three times with your own ‘dropper’, you would find a similar outcome (pun intended). Some men (not mentioning any names) can have three or more orgasms… After four, I usually have no measureable DNA content… but hey, they still feel good.

Once again, ejaculation & orgasm are not the same event.

Well, you can’t have one without the other, though you can have the other without the one.

Yes, I’ve read all my pre-vasectomy literature, and know that. I believe the steps are:

Orgasm (a psychological event predicated by Ejaculation),
and my favorite: Detumescence

I’ve done three only once (without intervening detumescence) twenty year ago, I found it uncomfortable, if not painful. It felt like a pulled muscle. I guess I’m not a stud. I did impregnate my first wife with one of those second time round things. I would be careful in assuming that you free of sperm. In vasectomies, the current literature say ten ejaculations are required before sterility. My doctor says twenty. You see, there are 500 million sperm in a single ejaculation. It seems nigh impossible to completely rid you body of all in just four episodes. If you have a microscope–450X is more than adequate–take a sample and roughly determine the relative number in each of your sequential events. You can just see them at 100X, but I, not having superhuman eyes, need 450X to count them.

I guess I have a follow-up question. Did you (meaning those with endless reserves of glandular secretions), do anything to promote that? Certain diet?, special exercises? frequent sex? Does your prostate respond to demand in a manner similar to a mammary gland?

Just curious.

I believe oysters are traditional.

The orgasmic contractions or the stimulation? When I was younger, I found it difficult to tolerate prolonged stimulation after and orgasm, but I overcame that with practice (it still makes me squirm sometimes). Secondary orgasms never cause me any pain.

I didn’t see anyone make that claim and would probably challenge them if they did. Technically, spermatogenisis takes about 74 days for a human, so based on personal experience, I would say the resevoir is generally full. The limiting factor is probably production and storage of the other seminal fluids.

I’m ashamed. Up to this point, I haven’t kept a microscope handy for intimate moments. And I used to be a Boy Scout.

Query: Can I pick up a microscope at any adult store, or do I have to order off the net?

You don’t have a microscope? Did you pawn yours? Do you really find it odd that someone on this board has a microscope, and uses it thusly? I was suprised I didn’t get any queries about the make and model of my microscope. I don’t have a fiber-optic light source, just a spherical mirror.

I’ve been married for many,many,many years. Monitoring my sperm count post vasectomy was my wife’s idea. When I told my dad (a professor of biology) about my vasectomy, he asked if I was going to track the decline in sperm, as he had. When I told my mom (another professor of biology), she asked if I had my scope out, and if I needed any slides and slips. My brother (guess what? A biology professor) wants my data when it’s all done. So from my point of view having a microscope is quite normal.

I was just cracking wise, Mr Thin Skin.

Yeah, so was I.


Hello. I’m 22 years old. For me it’s also possible to have two separate ejaculations with two orgasms. The duration between two separate ejaculations with orgasms is really short, about few minutes, not longer than 5 min. After the first ejaculation my penis becomes not as hard as it was before the first ejaculation, but it still stays in the state of good erection. To induce the second ejaculation, I must masturbate and stimulate my penis more actively and faster. I’ve also noticed that tensioning the muscles of my whole body a little bit, helps me to achieve the second ejaculation faster. The second orgasm is weaker and not as intense as the first one. The volume of second ejaculate is much smaller than the first one too. Anyway, the second orgasm does feel good.

Although, as I said, the second ejaculation and orgasm do feel good, I tend to avoid the second ejaculation, because I feel that somehow it “overuses” my system and it feels strange in my genitals area after the second orgasm. This sensation is not pain, is not uncomfortable, but somehow it feels strange.

For me the need to achieve the second ejaculation depends very much on my degree of arousal. The more I am aroused, the bigger is the chance that I will feel the necessity to achieve the second ejaculation. Usually it only happens after watching pornography, because it arouses me very strong. I think that watching pornography over stimulates my mind and body, therefore it arouses me too much, and leads to the need to ejaculate second time. If I choose to masturbate simply without pornography, I don’t feel the need for the second ejaculation and feel completely satisfied with one ejaculation and orgasm.

To conclude:

  1. Refractory period for some man may be very short, as short as few minutes.
  2. Pornography may arouse individual to a high degree and lead to a very short refractory period. Therefore pornography may cause one to ejaculate two times in a row and achieve two orgasms. I don’t know if it is good or bad for one’s health, but I do feel that this is somehow unnatural, because it over stimulates your mind and body.


I have nothing to add, but this feels like a good place to mention my buddy back in university who said that as an adolesent, he tried not to whack off too much, because he had a notion, and he could not say why, that each male had only 100 orgasms in him. After that, it was all over.

wow my sex life could have been over in a week and a half. kind of a buggy thought.

Mr. Thin skin appears to have thin skin,

I predict that the amount posted to this thread now will be 10-20 percent as copious as when the thread originally came to us back in 2000.