How many ejaculations does it take before a dry orgasm?

Iirc it takes 7 days for a man to reach full ejaculation volume. So how many times does it take to have a dry orgasm?
I’m not trying to find a new method of contraception. Just curious.

15,000 or so and no sign of the well drying up.
So, more than that.

In college my cohort had a cumpetition (get it? rolleyes) and one of the guys discovered that his … latency time or whatever you call it was on the order of like a minute or so. He was observed (i have no idea and i didn’t ask) orgasming 37 times in less than an hour, and he said that by the end of it, it was like shaking a powder puff. He quit at 37 because he said even with lotion the chafing was too bad for manual stimulation to be effective any more, although he did offer to try for assisted ones. To my regret, I can’t remember if anyone took him up on it.

(If anyone was curious, one of my sorority sisters won with just over a hundred over the course of 9 days.)

Jesus fucking Christ. I’m not sure I’ve cum more than four or five times in a day at my peak.

Quite a few of the male competitors invalided out in the first few days; friction is apparently a real problem for guys when strict quantity is the goal. The poor dude in question didn’t even end up in the top 5 because he pretty much was done after that one grand experiment.

Dahell…?? I got to call Cool Story Bro on that one, no offense intended, it just beggars belief.

Oh, and the phrase you are looking for is “refractory period”

Well, that’s just unfair, the ladies can go multiple.

(cues up the final lines of “Sunshine Of Your Love”)

p.s. This song was covered by Ella Fitzgerald. She probably did sing it “…I’ll stay with you till the seas are dried up…” which is what most people think they were singing.

I had a nearly dry orgasm less than half an hour after an ejaculation – they were two separate events. We were doing something that was pushing my limit, so I got up to allow the sensation to settle but ended up letting loose almost immediately. But my erection held and we were able to engage in coitus until I had a sensual orgasm that may have produced about a drop of liquid. Maybe two drops.

Because the sensual aspect of male orgasm is only proximally linked to ejaculation. The two halves of orgasm can be achieved independent of each other. I know: I have done it more than once.

Friction is no issue here. I’m not circumcised, so that sort of stuff doesn’t bother me, but from my understanding, it doesn’t even bother circumsized folks. It’s just after a coupla-two-tree tugs, I just want to eat a pizza or take a nap or just do anything else.

Did his erection(s) last more than 4 hours? Inquiring minds want to know. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol I thought it was unfair too but my sorority sisters at the time argued that most women actually can’t do multiples?

If I hadn’t seen his face when he was telling us that he realized he could just… keep going, I wouldn’t have believed it either. I think he was wired funky or something. All of the other guys were utterly horrified or pissed.

Here’s a cautionary tale for men about attempting multiple orgasms. This happened to me when I was about 40, and I’ve never told it to anyone before.

I was living alone at the time and for some reason one weekend I simply couldn’t leave it alone. Normally, at that age, once a day would have been plenty, or twice on a really good day. But I kept at it. I didn’t count, it probably wasn’t even 6 times in a day, but I kept at it until there was blood in my semen. This freaked me out (no surprise there) and I didn’t touch myself again for over a week. Fortunately, whatever it was had healed by then, and I was back to my normal frequency.

However, something had been damaged down there because the amount of ejaculate had gone down by maybe 75%, and it has never recovered. I assumed this was the result of scar tissue in the place where the blood had come from, but I really don’t know. It hasn’t been a problem, really, but sometimes I miss the mess (sorry if that’s TMI).

I don’t know if this has ever happened to any other guy in the history of the world. I’ve never heard of it happening, but it’s not really the sort of thing one talks about.

see - that’s where i’m at. i guess i figured it was different for guys? now you’ve made me wonder if it was less embarrassing to claim rug burn than to admit they just weren’t interested. huh.

In 24 hours five wet and subsequent ones dry. I didn’t count how many Future Wife had but it was more.

We were young and it took me eight hours to refill. :smiley:

At 70 I find myself experiencing this quite often. If I engage in sex more than 4 times in 3 days I will start having virtually dry orgasms. It takes up to 72 hours to return to nearly normal orgasms. So basically I am limited to about 4 times a week. My desire seems to match it for some reason and 2 or 3 times a week keeps me happy anymore.

Sheesh, the shit you learn on this board. :slight_smile:

Some comedian was talking about this related topic once. He pointed out that men are filled with the “essence of life” and so take the initiative to begin sex while the woman is tired and just wants to sleep. When they’re done, the man has passed this on to the woman. Now she wants to cuddle and chat and so on while all he wants to do is roll over and sleep because he’s drained of that essence of liveliness.

No personal experiences to relate, but I wanted to point out that this thread becomes even more fun if you preface the question posed in the thread title with the words “Mister Owl…”


There is a way for the ejaculation to head into the bladder instead of out the penis, this could be done on the first attempt of your question.

From here:

I haven’t been able to find information on the storage capacity of the ampulla and vas deferens, where semen is stored after production. However, other sites indicate that daily semen production is about 5 ml. Therefore the total daily production could be exhausted by anywhere from 50 to just one ejaculation. However, it most cases it would be exhausted by only 3 ejaculations. More than this would be unusual.