A male killed...'in flagrante delicto'

Need answer fast! (Just kidding).

Let’s assume death is fairly instantaneous and its impending occurrence unknown to the victim.

Forgive what may be an incredibly stupid or simple question, but I fear what I’d get via keyword searches in Google.

If a male is killed with an erection, does it…stay? Part of me thinks - obviously not, the blood will drain away. But then the mechanism for draining would not function on account of being dead…but the mechanism for maintaining won’t work either…but then would death maintain the status quo? I’ve no idea, so I turn to the fount of perverted wisdom bound to spew forth on the Dope.

AFAIK, it does stay in some cases. Here’s the wikipedia article related to angel lust.

That’s not Rigor Mortis…

You may not being sex right if this happens to your partner on a regular basis.

You just need to stop asking for guys who are hung.

Well, that has an unintended secondary reading…

How old is the term ‘angel lust’?

Cool slang

“Oh look! He’s pointing to heaven!”

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If a male is killed with an erection>>

Its called “assault with a friendly weapon” in the penal code.

I see what you did there with the “penal” code. Nicely done.

Wow - wouldn’t it be hard dying like that?

Thinking of Clerks.

It must be hard to close the casket.

I’d hate to be the funeral director who gets the shaft and have to dress that body

At least it wouldn’t roll off the table.

Is this what happens to guys who wait more that four hours to call their doctors?

I think that was actually brought up on the show Six Feet Under once.

It can happen even to men who were NOT killed with an erection.

When the heart stops pumping blood, gravity causes it to pool in the lower parts of the body. So depending on the body position, it is possible for the penis on a dead body to become engorged with blood, and be at least semi-erect.

Maybe not. Some might consider him a lucky stiff.

What does ‘in flagrante delicto’ actually mean? It looks like it should mean ‘flagrant deliciousness’. That can’t be right… or were Latin-speaking medical/legal personnel playing a joke on us?