A messageboard romance - true love via the Net

Last September, I began posting at a messageboard called http://www.dotmusic.com . It has various forums dedicated to different artists, and I made the Madonna forum my home. I made many friends there, and among them was a woman named MLVC who lived in Delaware. We began corresponding via email, emails turned into phone calls, and then we began talking about a visit.
Celeste came up to visit me on March 4. She spent ten days with me and they were the best ten days of my life. I met her at the airport and we spent the weekend at the Delta-Chelsea Inn in Toronto. We ordered up room service (Eggs Benedict, coffee, tea, strawberries & cream), went shopping, and walked up Eglinton West to a quaint cinema to see a movie.
Then we went to my hometown, two hours away, so that I could attend my University classes (with her tagging along, natch). She met my friends, slept in my bed, and we got matching tattoos.
We returned to Toronto in time for my birthday. Celeste rented a limousine and took me to Mastro’s, the most authentic Italian restaurant around. We had stuffed clams, ravioli, the best Caesar salad ever, all with the lovely house chardonnay. When we got back, we had a bottle of champagne delivered up to my room. It was the best birthday I’ve ever had.
The day she was scheduled to leave found us crying in the airport, annoying the young men and the Muslim woman sitting in the chairs next to us at the terminal.

(three months later)

I am on a train to Delaware. There are so many delays that we are two and a half hours late getting in at the station in Wilmington. I am starving, having eaten nothing but mint gum, water and a small bag of chips in a fourteen-hour period.
I have left everything behind to spend three months with Celeste in her home. I have spent my savings, I’m not returning to University and when I return in August, I will have nowhere to live.
But it’s worth it. Part of me says that I am being an idiot, but the rest of me says that love is worth everything, and the more you risk, the more you are rewarded.

Yes you are being an idiot. I am envyous of you my friend. To know such passion is truely a wonderful thing.
I hope to be in those same shoes one day.


Best of luck. Why not post again and rub it in huh?


What a wonderful thing, this thing called love. Go for it. Better to chance it than to have regrets. I wish you the best in love and life. Wooohoooo!

I’m with Osip, green with envy.
I remember well the feeling, and miss it more than I thought. Good luck, keep the faith.

Good luck. It’s tough to pull off a long-distance relationship and make it work. It takes a very cra–um, special type of person to manage it. You have to learn how to be very, very poor for a while, while still keeping a level head so as not to screw up the future. You have to learn to cherish the few moments you have together, while somehow keeping sane all the times you’re apart.

But you know what? As long as you remember that you’d rather have the relationship with Celeste over anyone you could find right around the corner, you’ll be fine. Your long-distance bills will soar, your bed will feel very empty, and every day you’ll wish she could be there, but you won’t give it up for anyone or anything.

4 months, 22 days, 15 hours, 11 minutes, and 32 seconds until I graduate. He might move here sooner, but at that point, I have nothing keeping me here.

Have fun for your three months. Keep us updated.

The question is … if you won’t be returning to university, and you have nowhere to live - why are you not staying longer than 3 months?

Well, you still have your computer so you got online, right?

good luck.

“Because US immigration don’t take too kindly to Canajiuns invading our country and takin’ all the jobs, little missy!”

Or so I’ve been told. :wink:

She is moving up to Canada as soon as her life is in order. So we will most certainly be together permanently, if we’re just patient.

For a start, I am a sir, and little ain’t the word.
There is a fair bit of cash in hand labour you could get for the duration until she moves with you to canadia isn’t there?

Your are throwing your life and education away for what could be no more then an infatuation. At least do uni by correspondence or something, never, NEVER throw your life away because of a woman. You can have women, but you ALSO need a life.

Women are not objects to have.

What Sweet_Lotus has possibly discovered is not merely a woman, but the woman. How will he know if he doesn’t take the chance?
And what is life in your eyes, Manta?

Going to school? Sitting at a desk 8 hours a day? How about washing the dishes or mowing the lawn or paying taxes?

Go for it Lotus. Don’t let the mundanity of this world tell you following your heart is wrong. It’s not. All the best.

psycat- who found true love on a message board.

Preach on, Sista psy. Sweet_Lotus, good luck and Godspeed. The attempt itself is admirable.

"And what is life in your eyes, Manta?

Going to school? Sitting at a desk 8 hours a day? How about washing the dishes or mowing the lawn or paying taxes?"

Well I am then assuming that do you don’t do any of these. What is a life for you?

Sitting at the computer all day? Making friends on the internet rather then in real life? Going down to the welfare office to collect your money coz you don’t have a decent (if any) job? Popping out some kids while still a teenager?

Oh YAY, That’s what I wanna do.

I was merely informing Casanova that if this woman ends up not being “the one” he is absolutely SCREWED. Capital S SCREWED. Thrown his life for away for nothing.

But hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Why assume that I don’t have a job or mow the lawn, because I don’t dictate my life by it? As it happens, work usually does keep me sitting at a computer all day long. And I know I am not the only one who feels that the friends I make on the internet are very real life friends as I have met many people and maintained friendships, online, at work, at social functions, I’ve found how or where I’ve met my friends matters little after the meeting. We are friends, period.
My post was in no way insulting nor was it meant to be, and cetainly not personally directed towards you. I am merely reminding people not to get lost in the daily grind. Dream a little, take chances, I’m not saying throw common sense out the window, always use common sense, use gut instincts, look at things from all points of view. And then, when it still seems so crazy but still seems so right, go for it.

I got a little excited with my post.

I just think he is insane going for 3 months and coming back to nothing.


I assume you are a formerly banned troll because I have read through your drivel. In 17 feeble posts, you have mentioned trolls 3 times. If that ain’t foreshadowing, I don’t know what is.

Normally I DNFTT, but I find you particularly offensive. You are not only messing with the wrong members and posting tedious riddles but you also seem to be criminalizing and demeaning love.

Reading this:

I correctly guess that you not only got your pasty white, hairy ass dumped by a woman but she also told you the truth about your pencil dick.


tells me that your spelling and grammar SUCKS (with a capital S) and confirms that the FBI profiling of serial killers really works.

My suggestion is that you get off the computer and crawl back into your basement bedroom. While you’re there, you can re-read Mein Kampf while staring at the centerfolds taped to your walls, all the while cursing the whore that brought you into this world.

Just leave us alone.

And Sweet_Lotus, good luck to the two of you! True love is a joy, cherish it.

As you might be able to guess by my sig line, I’m very much a romantic. I only hope that when I do find the woman, as psycat so aptly put it, I would have the guts to do what you are doing. Love is where it’s at, no matter what some people say. To quote Michael Dorris:
“At different stages in our lives, the signs of love may vary: dependence, attraction,contentment, worry, loyalty, grief, but at heart the source is always the same. Human beings have the rare capacity to connect with each other, against all odds.”
Lotus, in life you can apply for a job, you can earn money, you can go to university, you can find a place to live. But man, love is that one magical thing that you don’t find, it finds you. I wish you all of the luck in the world.