A mild annoyance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Ok, I am lying. I just wanted to see if I could get 5000 views for this thread. This got 3700 for no details (damn you Coldfire):

Lack of info is ok, but lying to get attention aint. Just FYI.
Having said that it would not surprise me if this thread ends up getting lots of views.

Unless that is a self-denying prophecy (a jinx)

unless that was a jinx.


I tend to think of this as more a parody than a lie.

I think it’s pretty damn hilarious myself!

Drat. You mean I can’t tell y’all about that time over Christmas vacation my college roomie and I got drunk and…um, experimented?

No. Damn Coldfire, damn him straight to hell.

What is your problem with Coldfire?

No, real problem. Coldfire was the mod that said not to talk about details. It is just a joke.

Coldfire’s edict prevented me from asking about the hot sweaty details of Giraffe’s lesbian experience.

Actually, though, I think I can squeak past a banning if I plead that I read that prohibition as being simply MPSIMS-specific. So I can ask the hot sweaty details after all.

Giraffe, did you end up buying the Just Right or the Corn Flakes?

Let’s see how many extra views it gets now. Hee hee.

Nice work Digby.

I said it before and I will say it again:
“Damn Coldfire, damn him straight to hell.”

Question: Are people more interested in a mild annoyance with generally accepted accounting principles or lesbian experiences in hardcore graphic detail ?

Does this count towards Coldfire’s stats?

Vote here:

I feel your pain; how many times have I spent hours and hours reconciling an account, only to find that the discrepancy is due to the customer using a different rounding protocol…


I don’t know - how many times?

7.86444445 or 7.864446.

One or the other.