You got laid. Good for you. Now shut up.

Folks, there seems to be a rash of “I just got laid!” posts in MPSIMS. You know, I’m really happy for all of you, but I’ve got a few gripes about the sharing.

a. Generally, and I’m pretty sure that Miss Manners would back me up on this, the only (two?) people to whom this news is really relevant presumably already know about it. Even under the total anonymity, it’s sort of tacky to be announcing it to the world.

b. I’m sure I don’t speak for everyone here, but for those of us who are chronically single despite our best efforts and bemusedly see other people hooking up with little or no effort, well, * fuck you *. Why not give us a paper cut and rub a little lemon juice in it?

Isn’t that what led to your complaint in the first place?

I would have posted sooner but I was getting laid.

Okay, I think this is a lame rant.

Give the girl a break. She lost her virginity, and since it seems she waited until she was an adult, kudos to her. If she’s happy about it, what’s the issue? Because you’re jealous? Did she direct her comment to you or anyone else who’s not getting some? I didn’t see anything (unless I missed something) that pokes fun at you or anyone else.

Maybe you should do some soul searching. Don’t rain on other people’s parade because your life isn’t working out the way you would like it to. I would think it would also be against Miss Manners to be bitter about what someone else has that you don’t.

Be happy for her. Sex can be fun and beautiful. BTW, I had sex twice this weekend, which is two more times than you sourpuss.


Finagle, you seem a little tense. Whyncha go out and get yer pipes cleaned?

Would this be a bad time to mention that I…

…oh, nevermind. :cool:

Oh, yeah, here: Check out this Flash.

That rabbit is awesome.

I’m thinkin’ I’ve identified the problem . . .

You are not required to read the threads. The thread titles are generally very descriptive. Just look away. :wink:

I know you must be a little tense right now, but begrudging somebody else their little whoo-hoo moments is kind of jerkish behavior, dontcha think?

Well, FUCK…

. . . and after all, it’s not like she was masturbating like a motherfuck . . .

So, there i was, playing with my girlfriends’ pussy…

You dirty minded creeps!
I was talking about her CAT!

that cat was the best fuck I ever had

You know how those chess games turn into all out orgies, sometimes.

How do you know it’s with little or no effort, anyway? You may be surprised to know how long other people’s dry spells have been. In the example you mention, it was her entire life, for chrissakes.

Well, my OP was intended to be at least somewhat tongue-in-cheek, although I don’t * really * need to be reminded that my social life is a desolate wasteland. Some of you might have picked up on that via the Princess Bride reference?

However, something that ** truly ** irks me (with the fire of at least 1000 butane lighters) is that lately one can’t post * anything * in the Pit without encountering “Well, no one forced you to read the post.” from someone typing with their head up their sphincter.

a. It * was in the title of the post*.

b. Why in hell should it be considered rude, or jerkish, or even unusual to comment on a trend in posts that disturbs or irritates one? It’s the PIT. That’s what it’s FOR.

Truly, Honey, your comment was not helpful, original, or particularly appreciated.    Remember, no one asked you to read this thread either.

Fin…just grab some porn and try not to think about it. I think it is wonderful that some people around here are getting laid. Maybe if you stopped spending so much time at the computer… :smiley:

That isn’t so much what disturbs me as her saying that she didn’t use protection because she ‘just couldn’t find any.’

If you’re not mature enough to protect your own life from horrible diseases, you’re not mature enough to be fucking. Not to even mention the risks of unwanted conception.

If you don’t have condoms, you don’t fuck. I think she acted like an immature little child and praising her for being rash and foolish is the wrong way to go.

Just my 2.3 cents of course.

Well, you have a valid point here. I’m sure that if it weren’t a noteworthy event for that person, they wouldn’t be telling 50,000 of their most intimate friends. I still question the propriety of telling the world about it. Maybe I’m just an old fogey, but in my day, if you got lucky, you just sort of glowed the next day and maybe sent flowers.