A Mildly Humorous Tale of Online Gaming

I work in quality assurance for a video game company. Last month, we released a game that had been in test for about a year. That’s a hell of a long time for a game to be in test. I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours playing this game, and I wasn’t even one of the core testers. The lead for the project played this game every day, eight hours a day, for a good six months, the previous lead having quit for a new job half way through the project. There is no one on Earth who has played this game more than this guy.

Turns out, we needed to release a patch for the game, to adress some cheating issues in online play. It only takes one person to do the testing, so it falls on the lead to do it. He fires up the game, installs the patch, and jumps into one of the public game lobbies to try it out. He joins one of the two teams, and is promptly met with this chat text:

“d00d, swich teams we d0nt wnt ne n00bs”

Needless to say, the test was extended for about twenty minutes while he mercilessly slaughtered everyone on the server.


:smiley: Do you think any of the bystanders he slaughtered reported him for “griefing”?

Ah, the bitter taste of irony, mixed with the sweet-but-tangy taste of revenge…

D00D 7h475 50 1337.

D00D 7h/-\7$ 50 1337.

grr, double post :smack:

For some reason, this seems like a fitting place to link to this webcomic.

I would kill to have video of that happening.

What was the game?

Me, too. In fact, I’d maim to have just a chat transcript …

I’m getting all misty-eyed. Thanks for sharing.

That was beautiful. sniff

Heh. I hope he switched teams before commencing the slaughter.


Hell, I hope he took them all on by himself, Chuck Norris-style.


After reading this thread, I’d rather not say. I may want to rant about work someday.

i l0l3d !!!1!!!one