A modest proposal re MPSIMS

Not every thread started in MPSIMS is mundane or pointless. It’s a forum name that seems ill-suited for the range of themes, thoughts, emotions and stories posted there.

To replace “MPSIMS” I propose gallimaufry.

Any takers?

I don’t think the admins will go for it but you never know. Start a big campaign with mass e-mails to other members with a call to action and see where that goes.

If that fails, I think Gallimaufry would be a lovely name for a girl and you should use it on a daughter or pet sometime in the future.

I’d prefer just SIMS. Stuff I Must Share.

It took me a while to post there (still don’t much) because of the words “mundane and pointless.”

I second Stuff I Must Share.

I doubt they will change it, because of the way it was named in the first place. Nostalgia, and all. Though us oldies who remember it and would care are getting fewer and fewer…

Yes most people don’t think their post is mundane or pointless. The world may however. I’m going to go into a President Bush speech mode, where he asks the questions he wants, so he can answer them.

Why not sub-divide into more catagories?
The more catagories you add the fewer posters and readers there are that see your post. Go to a medical board that seperates all the individual deseases. Nobody responds for a week or month to your post.

Why not change the catagory title?
Gallimaufry is not a word that most people would know.

Master Control
End of line

Moved from IMHO to MPSIMS.

I mean ATMB.


Hey! Who’s gonna see it in this backwater? How can we get a wide spectrum of opinions if you bury it here? Huh? Huh???

:: grumble ::

I had reasons for putting it in IMHO, dammit.

I really don’t like the idea of a one-word forum name. The forums as currently named are usually referred to via initialisms: GQ, GD, CD, IMHO, etc. Seeing something like “Moved from IMHO to G” or “Mods please move this to G if you think it would more appropriate there” does not strike me as elegant.

(In case anyone doesn’t know how the forum was named, it was named after a really hilarious thread title back when the board was on AOL. Back then the board really was more dedicated to discussing “real” topics, and someone came in and started a thread, IIRC, about where to find Titanic wallpaper for their computer. Finding this to be a stupid thing to ask, one of the regs (whose name was like some initials …D something? and some numbers… 550? I don’t remember) started a thread entitled “Mundane, Pointless Stuff I Must Share” and related some mundane pointless thing. Others came in with posts such as “I had Rice Krispies for breakfast” and so on. It became a huge and fun joke thread and quite took hold. )

How could you possibly think that this OP is anything but About This Message Board?

There is a current thread in the Pit concerning movement of threads, if you would like to make any further comments.

Yes, it’s about the board, but it’s also a poll, and polls go in IMHO, right?

A synonym for gallimaufry is hodgepodge, so call it that. “Moved from GD to HP.” I kinda like it.

Yeh. That’s a good suggestion. And it’s more familiar to most people than gallimaufry (although I simply adore the sound of that word).

It just reminds me of Doctor Who’s homeworld.

“Moved from GD to HP” reads to me as, “moved from Gryffindor to Hufflepuff.”

It would cause a lot of confusion.

I vote for ‘Realms of Ephemera’.

If it has to be changed, that is. Moved from the Pit to ROE, that works, if barely.

Yes, stuff there really isn’t mundane or pointless, but it’s not earthshaking, or long lasting, either. It’s for the concerns of the moment. Realms because it’s where you see little peeks of other poster’s worlds.

I also understand it’s a part of the board, with a history under that name, that’s simply grown beyond what it started out as.

‘gallimaufry’ or hodge podge? Sorry, just doesn’t do justice to the spirit of the forum.

Call it Ten Forward

It’s a place where people go to hang out, talk, play games, flirt, share photos and stories…

And drink. The real stuff, not that synthehol shit.

I’ve always thought that Belles-Lettres would be a fun name for a MPSIMS-y forum.



  1. Who is Belle?

  2. Why would we be interested in her lettres?

  3. Especially if she cannot spell or punctuate?

  4. And take into consideration that OpalCat (Hi!) has already weighed in on this issue.