A Moms question for the Vets

My son is at Navy Boot Camp, for those who don’t already know. My question is: How important is it to have family there at graduation??? I’m a single Mom, with a part time job. There would be 3 of us to go. I just hate the thought of him having no one there to cheer. He is doing the first really difficult thing of his life and knowing that afterward he will go back to the barracks like it was just another day, seems kind of sad. So…am I overreacting and putting all my Mom-mushy-stuff on him? Thanks!!

Even if he pretends the ‘tuff stuff’ OF Course he will want you there. There are somethings that moms don’t need to be at. I was a band nerd in school and college. My parents couldn’t make it to all of my shin-digs. I wasn’t hurt because eevn I though we had too much of them. But boot camp?!? He has worked his booty off to earn that graduation and needs someone he loves there. He is going to be bursting with pride that he made it through it. I would definitly go. All 3 probly don’t have to go but at least his mom.

I wish my Mom and dad had been able to attend my graduation from Basic Training (See, in the Air Force, we don’t call it boot camp.). I can attest that those men whose family DID attend were pleased beyond belief.

Go, definitely. Even if you can’t stay for the graduation, there is usually a “Parent’s Night” the night before, at least there used to be, go to that. My parents surprised me by showing up and it is still one of my fondest memories of “boot”. It is a chance to show your new friends the people you’ve been talking about the last 8 weeks.

i sure wish i had someone at my graduation at Basic and AIT. Feels so lonely watching all the other fellas get hugs and kisses from moms and dads and you’re standing there in dress uniform like a putz 'cause “no one loves you”. Did i mention ever yet on this board how one of my former best friends is now at Ft.Leavenworth 'cause he had these issues about not getting love from his family when he was young? No one showed up to his graduation either, always acted like a tough guy, then the FBI caught up with him after he killed some poor girl on leave. First offense was in Bosnia when he killed a civilian out of line, guy lost it. Special Forces too…
so show a little love. it goes a long way. :slight_smile:

OK, point taken.
Does anyone have any REALLY cheap airfare sites???
Money is really the issue here. I may have to pass pn paying the utility bills and such to pay for this.

Check with your son, the military often sets up special deals with specific air carriers for these sort of things. He should be able to get you in touch with the relations department of his boot camp, who can help you there.

I missed not having my folks there. Don’t worry about going overboard with the mushy mom stuff, he’ll appreciate it. Go if you’re able to.

Hint for future reference when/if he goes to sea: Pack cookies - preferably oatmeal chocolate chip - in pringles cans inside a cardboard box. They’ll arrive fresh and unbroken and he and his shipmates will love you for it.


I’ve had good luck in the past with http://www.lowestfare.com
If you have time to plan you can sometimes snag a good deal there.

As for basic training, I was indifferent about my folks being there because 1)I was secure in the knowledge that they loved me a lot and were there in spirit 2)I knew I’d see them right after basic when I went on leave and 3)I was so relieved to get the hell out of basic I didn’t care about much of anything else!

So if you can swing it financially, do it, but if not, DON’T FEEL GUILTY!!! You’re a good Mom, and he probably knows that, and if he has any sense he knows money is tight and that you’d be there if you could. K?


Graduation is the most important day in a new Sailor’s life. And new Sailors would like their folks there.

In the big scheme of a miitary career, it kind of fades though. Your first reenlistment, reporting to your first ship, making third class or chief, your first overseas port visit – all these eventually rank higher as more important dates in your career.

If you can make it, great. If not, make a big stink over him when he gets leave after “A” school. Make him wear the uniform and take him out to dinner. Invite a few of his friends over to dinner at your house and surprise him.

What ever you decide, you’re still Mom. Let him know how proud you are of him.

I have to agree with Chief Scott on this one.

I went to “Great Mistakes Naval Training Center” in Chicago (During the WINTER, egad!), and my folks could not make it from Florida. It would have been great having them there, but I always knew that they loved me, and were inordinately proud. Just the look in my father’s eyes when they picked me up from the airport was all I ever needed.

Well, that and the fifth of whiskey he had waiting at home for me… *<;o)


vidi vici veni

Dragonlady, it would be nice if you could make it but I’m sure your son understands your financial situation and will totally understand it if you can’t make it. What is most important is that you just keep letting him know you care. When my husband was in basic, I tried to send a postcard every day and a nice long letter once or twice a week. Sending goody packages is a great idea, except I don’t know about the Navy but when my Husband was in boot camp they didn’t let them keep sweets around.

Don’t worry too much, I’m sure he knows his Mamma loves him. :slight_smile: