A more disgusting Poop Story

Reader Beware…

This story starts out in a small suburban college campus. I have a teacher who I really hate. This teacher hands out a take home exam and gives us a week to do it. Being the procrastinator that I am I wait till the last day to do it. Well I get done with the test around 4 in the morning and I have to turn it in at 8. So I get this brialiant decision that I will stay up all night, get drunk and show up wasted to class. This is all fine in thoery but it is my drink selection that got me in trouble. Coffee and 100 proof Southern Comfort. About 10 cups with a shot to 2 shots in each cup. I went to class bombed but then the coffe started to hit me. About 10 min into class I got up and headed to the bathroom. I sat there in agony till then end of class when my roomate (he was in the class also) came in and ask if I was s till alive. I answered with a week groan.

It wasn’t a but a fem minuets later that everything got nasty. I suddenly had to vomit. So I quickly did a 180 and hunkered down for the explosion. And what an explosion it was. Well in the midst of this turmoil I had little control over the of bodily functions. So here I am In a public bathroom Heaving my guts out, uninating and letting loose a little of the brown stuff. My pant are at my ankles sticking out from underneith the stall door so there don’t get piss all over them. When I finnally get my self off the floor and Get cleaned off a little. I take one last glance at the mess. Puke splattered toilet, with a lake of urine and a little island of turn in center. Had to be the most nasty thing I have every seen. I quickly ran back to my dorm and took a shower.

Moral of this story. Drinking gives you some really cool stories.

P.S. I really don’t like coffee all that much any more.