A movie that should get made

Planet of the Apps

Beginning in the 1950’s or 1960’s, a crew of ruggedly handsome, bearded astronauts set out on a spaceship that will carry them through the reaches of deep space to a distant world. They are placed into ‘cold sleep’ for the duration of their voyage and finally awakened when their spaceship crash lands on an unknown planet.

Emerging from the spaceship, the astronauts discover a strange world wherein the inhabitants, though apparently human, spend all their time staring at and poking at two-inch-wide rectangles made out of plastic and glass, to no apparent purpose.

The astronauts set out to discover the cause behind the mental enslavement of these beings. After further exploration and investigation, the astronauts are able to figure out that the plastic and glass rectangles are produced by a sinister entity known only as “Apple”. From there it becomes a race against time to defeat the evil Apple and set humanity free.

Does the crew require the assistance of an Android?


Fanny Hall. A quirky midwestern girl becomes a prostitute in NY. La-di-Dah.

Just my WAG but I would bet that Fanny Hall has already been made and can be found in the back room racks of some DVD rental places.