A new and unknown race of people on Earth?

A lot of people apply for public housing, and not all of them have got their frequencies completely dialed in, if you knowed whut I mean, Vern. We get a lot of the slack-jawed, the no-chinned, the jug-eared, and just plain out-there types who move to Alaska to commune with the gods or their sisters or even those whose presence is not made known to the mortal man.

A recent applicant insisted that he be allowed to include a checkbox on the application, under the heading of “race”, of “LMH”. He insisted that he was a member of this race and that there are only a few of them presently existing. He would not elaborate on what “LMH” meant.

Does anybody have a clue? 'Cuz unless he thinks that “Mohican” is two words, I’m afraid he’s deluded. But maybe I’m missing some important information and I’m the one whose cheese has gone moldy.

This fellow is taking a vehement stand against all race-based data collecting, and invites “the Man” (i.e. you) to “Lick My Hole”.

Why not just continue to bin his improperly filled out form until this chap finally decides to provide complete information as requested?

Googled LMH and race together and deep down the list came up this page.

There’s no explanation of the acronym but while it doesn’t seem to have jack squat to do with race, apparently it does have something to do with public housing. He might be confused, or it might simply be a weird coincidence, and he really does believe he’s one of the Little Mole Humans.

Then why does he not say KMA?

I don’t know. He’s a rebel?

LMH is Star Trek Geekspeak for Longterm Medical Hologram. Maybe he’s an obsessed Trekkie.

Too bad the guy didn’t think he was a Red Dwarf hologram instead. Then he’d at least he’d be wearing an H on his forehead and you’d know what the hell he was talking about.

I think you mean EMH, Emergency Medical Hologram.

Now if he’d have styled himself an LMD I’d have know right away what he meant.

Surely you’re not saying that he would be a 2003’s styled “LMD”, are you?

Because, at least in my experience, LMHing and KMAing are two totally different things. Getting KMAd does nothing for me; but getting LMHd . . . oh yeah . . .

I forgot to mention that he also claims to be a ‘messenger of God’, but didn’t elaborate on the message itself. He did promise to create his own form, complete with little boxes and give it to us.

Well, he’s almost certainly going to need public housing, because LMHs are traditionally discriminated against when they note the designation on an employment application and only really desperate businesses hire them.

Just tell him that God has to fill out her own paperwork. :smiley:

Dude, you induced a fit of uncontrollable giggling. Good thing nobody was around…

Messengers of God are the worst for filling up the “race” box – Da Man’s got the most thorough affirmative-action plan youever saw…

In HUD - speak, LMH means Low Mod Housing (whatever that means), so I agree that the fruitcake may mean something else in his race category.

Anyone claim to have a 1920s style death ray?


I’m betting this chap was Last in the Main Heat, e.g. not the sharpest knife in Momma’s drawer.


Maybe he wants you to leave him alone…?

I agree with typhoon and RTA. I know of plenty of people who prefer to submit the “other” option on applications and such. Not because they are trying to hide something, but that these people find race and other collective related inquires offensive and uncalled for. Or perhaps these individuals do not want to be involved in the statistics, or other wise data collection of “your” Alaska housing project.

Personally I really wouldn’t want someone like you involved with my housing if I were to move to Alaska.

WOW ! Did your momma teach you to that? Or do you not get out much?