A new Doctor?!?

What’s this?!


Man, I’m glad I was surfing faves today. I might have missed this story. (from July 11, 2003)

Anyone else have more details of this 9th Doctor?

It’s animated! Anyone else worried about this? Or is it a good thing?

And… wtf is BBCi?

BBCi is the BBC’s interactive arm - they run its websites and its digital interactive services on TV.

A lot of the stuff they produce is designed to compliment existing programmes and broadcasting, but they also have a mandate to “push the boundaries” of interactive entertainment.

Basically this means that they are allowed to produce their own material to be broadcast over digital television or the web, as well as experiment/play around with cutting edge technologies and ideas - Its BBCi that we have to thank for the BBC website.

This extra freedom means they can do things like the Dr Who stuff without it getting cancelled by bureaucrats or people more concerned with viewing figures than quality.

As far as i’m concerned, BBCi is worth my licence fee alone and is further evidence as to why the BBC needs to remain state-owned.

I think he’s a good choice for the new Doctor. He’s actually played the Doctor before, in the charity comedy short the Curse of Fatal Death.

A lot of fans won’t accept him as canon until he’s on TV though. I don’t particularly care, but if they aren’t committed it’s a shame to see a regeneration wasted. The webcasts are interesting (Shada was quite good), but I think I prefer the audio dramas from Big Finish.

Of course, Shada was a Douglas Adams script left over from the Tom Baker years thanks to a technicians’ strike.

I just have a sinking feeling about the whole thing. Do we even need a new Doctor? Isn’t Paul McGann available, he’s certainly decent in the role (ignoring the TV Movie which I never saw.)