A new ID This Sitcom Line

Okay, this is not the Simpsons. I want to say it’s an 80s sitcom (I think maybe Family Ties but not sure). This is a paraphrase and I might have the set up wrong:

Character 1: This stinks.

Character 2 chastises him for not being proper.

Character 1: Okay, it’s replete with Stinkiocity.

“Replete with Stinkiocity” is the part I am positive of. Google was no help probably because Stinkiocity can be spelled a bunch of ways. Anyone remember this?

GROWING PAINS, Season 1, Episode 4.

Thank you. I don’t doubt your answer but I am wondering how you are so sure.

Finally something I’m sure of and someone beat me to it.
I don’t know why I know this, other than watching reruns through the 80’s and 90’s, but yeah, it was Carole’s school newspaper advisor who said it.
I am hoping Waldo had to google it, because people just shouldn’t remember this kind of thing.

Heh. I feel like that supporting character in a Superman story, who – well, look, if you knew that Superman was secretly Clark Kent, you could overtly hint at it by telling him he spends a lot of time wearing glasses, right? Well, this guy could do that, because, uh, he knows our hero spends a lot of time wearing glasses, is all.

(We first meet him when he’s successfully playing blackmailer by threatening to reveal the secret in someone else’s birth certificate; he doesn’t know what that secret is, he’s never even seen the birth certificate – but he doesn’t need to, because the other party naturally believes that specific detail comes from general knowledge.)

Anyhow, he gives the big guy a useful heads-up about a villain’s plans – but, as befits a He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named scenario, he acts like a gossip columnist who plays it coy: making sly references that tiptoe up to the point of making stuff obvious, but never being explicit. Because, see, the other thing that looks like an in-the-know gossip columnist playing coy is – a guy who simply read that coy gossip column.

Which is to say, yeah, I googled it, and got a bunch of hits for that episode, and then googled a transcript of that episode, and promptly found that it checked out.

For some bizarre reason, I now remember that episode - Carol used the word “mucilage” in her story for the high school paper, if I recall correctly, leading to the lines that the OP recalled.

Thanks everyone! Your Google Skills belittle my own because I had no luck. What’s funny is someone used the word “replete” and that line popped into my head but few other details and it was really bugging me where it was from.

Here’s the relevant quote. The set-up is Carol writing an article chock-full of ten-dollar words and much too flowery prose:

Mr. Simmons: Your writing, it stinks.
Carol: What?
Mr. Simmons: Excuse me, I forgot who I was talking to. It is replete with stinkiosity.

You’re being too hard on yourself; I had the advantage of knowing you’d already tried googling for “stinkiocity” – so I could google for “stinkiosity” and get it on my first try. If I’d been in your shoes, I might have given up like you did after (a) starting with “stinkiocity” like you did, and (b) trying just as many times as you did.