A new slant on gay marriage?

A friend of mine hit me with this, which he heard from folks at his job. I didn’t think much of it until I started getting hit with it from folks at my job. So I thought I would pitch it out here and see if any of you guys are hearing it as well.

The basic gist is that all of the current furor and hubbub about gay marriage and denial of rights, etc. is nothing more than a smokescreen. The underlying goal is to get the choice of a homosexual lifestyle to be accepted as normal in our society.

Sounds kinda conspiracy theory, tinfoil hat brigade to me. But I’m hearing it from more and more people these days, folks that I don’t think of as wearing tinfoil hats.

What say ye, fellow Dopers?

I’d say you work with a bunch of morons, JAQ.

Well, that’s a nice update from the last time I heard something along these lines, which was that “the real gay agenda is to normalize pedophilia in our society.”

But yeah, your co-workers are full of crap.

I agree, in a sense, but completely disagree with the idea that it’s a smokescreen, and disagree with the ‘choice’ phrasing.

  1. Being gay is not a choice.
  2. Gay people have a legitimate and genuine desire to have both the legal effects of marriage and the social acceptance that comes from the word ‘marriage.’

So yes, the underlying goal is to have homosexuality accepted in our society – not the choice but the fact – AND the goal is to have legally recognized marriages.

Of course that’s a goal, a homosexual lifestyle is normal. That bigots think that gays pushing for equal rights is some kind of trick to get them to quit being bigots is freaking moronic, but I guess you shouldn’t expect much from them anyways. If anything it is completely the other way around, growing acceptance for gays is leading to a stronger push for equal rights.

He has it backward. The gay marriage debate wouldn’t be happening if more and more people were not accepting that gays and lesbians are normal and that there’s no good reason to deny them the benefits that go with legally-recognized marriage.

I got dogpiled by my fellow bar patrons several years ago. The topic of conversation was thus (More or less, it was a lengthy debate. I was the only one arguing for gay marriage against about four guys who were against. The following is pretty much how it ended before the subject was changed):

Bar patrons: Well, I don’t want the gays to get married because that sends a message to our children that- that shit’s ok.

Me: Uh, it is ok you douches.

Bar patrons: [Gasp! Monocles pop out in unison]

That’s what I was going to say- gay marriage is a trailing indicator, not a leading indicator of the acceptance of homosexuality.

If it were a choice, would it not be worthy of support?

Um, yeah, where’s the controversy?

Who the hell DOESN’T think homosexuals should be a normal part of society?That’s like saying ‘the choice of a red headed/left handed lifestyle could become accepted as a normal part of society.’

So these people are proudly boasting that they feel homosexuals should be kept outside of normal society? Isn’t that special and bless their hearts!

They probably also proclaim adherence to a religion that commands they not judge others, and love each other! Your response should be, “We’ll aren’t you a hateful little Christian!”

People who say such nonsense aren’t worth trying to talk sense to, actually. Where do you live that you are hearing this from all sides?

It’s not a “lifestyle”. But yeah, gays want to be treated just like everyone else, and part of that is being able to marry. No conspiracy necessary.

Although, there has been a run on toaster ovens lately, so maybe…

This OP literally is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve read.

Everyone knows that the REAL end-game of the gay agenda is the downfall of western civilization. Duh. Now of course part of this is tricking you all into accepting the homosexual life style as normal, and hence the debate over same-sex marriage, but that’s not the underlying goal, as you so eloquently put it.

Please don’t paint every Christian with the same crayon.

I read the argument presented in the OP as, “It’s not that homosexuals really want to get married, they’re just using that to get us to accept them as normal.”

That’s why I called bullshit right off the bat.

If that post meant to do that, it probably would not have used the modifier “hateful”, because it would be redundant.

Find some smarter friends. This is possible, even in Houston; look at our mayor…

There’s been a long term movement toward realizing that homosexuality is just a difference in wiring. Why should a couple in a committed relationship be denied the legal & social benefits that any drunken het couple can obtain at a Vegas wedding chapel?

An entirely different question.

But yes, a free society should regard such a choice as one that its members may freely make.

This statement, by itself, basically says:

You, Dr. Drake, have chosen a deviant lifestyle, and you want to bully the rest of us normals into pretending your perversion is okay.

I can understand why people raised in a homophobic culture (i.e. Western civilization) would feel this way, but it’s deeply upsetting. My lifestyle is not deviant, and it was not a choice. I don’t want to force you to accept it, but I do want to force you to really, truly think about it outside of the lens of your own prejudices. I think that if you can do that, you’ll come to the right conclusion on your own. If you don’t, well, you’ll be in a small unhappy minority, which is nothing but poetic justice.

Yes, I realize it’s a different question. That’s why I asked it. I find asking the same question gets to be repetitive.

Using “it’s not a choice” as an argument for marriage equality implies that it’s the best they can do the poor dears as well as that bisexuals should work towards a heteronormative relationship simply because that potential exists for them.

Oh, I wasn’t meaning that. I just think those being hateful deserve to be told so, as required. I think they deserve to know how their view is perceived. Don’t remain silent. No need to debate, just straight up told, “that’s hateful!”, and leave it at that!