A nipple on the bottom of your foot? Is this for real?

Is this condition for real?
Pic 1

Oops. Ignore me please.

It’s real. Original pics (pink sheets and all), including dermatology journal article accompanying it, are here.

Googled “pseudomamma”.

My god, it’s like a foot fetishists dream come true.


An extra nipple is ok when it’s somewhere you’d expect, but when the nipples stray too far from the motherboob, we have weirdness on a grand scale.

On the plus side, you can breastfeed in public without sending all the prudes into a hissy fit.

I would not want to walk on that.

Hee hee! Antigen said ‘motherboob’!

There’s even a case report of a nipple (with areola) occurring on the face.

I have access to the B&W picture from that case, but don’t know I would go about posting it here on the SDMB (as you know, image posting is not allowed here). Is there a site where I could post the picture and then link to it from within this thread?

GO here - super easy to use


Thanks astro!

Let’s give it a try. If I’ve haven’t screwed it up, this link should take you to the “facial nipple”.

Wow!! It worked! Thanks a million, astro.

That’s a band name if I ever saw one.

That picture is a little disappointing. It may be a nipple but it looks like a regular pimple to me. I was expecting it to be darker and more textured.

What base would that be?

In the case of the person linked to in the OP, I think I’d call it a walk.

Don’t complain. You need to take nipples as you find them.