Am I a freak? Or how common is an inverted nipple?

Ok so one of my nipples are inverted. How many of you dopers share this fate with me?

I hesitate to ask…

What’s an inverted nipple?

It’s not that unusual. I’ve had several girlfriends over the years who had one inverted nipple. I liked it…innie and outie! :smiley:

A friend of mine has a third nipple that is inverted, but he is the only one I know of. This could be just because it doesn’t really come up in conversation very often (“Hey, Jim! Are your nipples inverted?”). I couldn’t exactly describe it or tell how common it is, but there is some anecdotal evidence for you.

I had a girlfriend with an inverted nipple, and she seemed mightily embarrassed by it, though I thought it was kinda cute and a turn-on the more I got used to it. I ended up writing about it (though not publishing–YET)–an essay about its heightened similarity to the female genitalia.

I woke once with one of my nipples inverted. It scared the crap right out of me. I squeezed it like a pimple and it oozed back into its normal extrovert position. It has never attempted to do that to me again.



      • Mine are normal, you freak. All five of them.
  • I understand now lots of girls with inverted nipples get them pierced, which hides/cures the problem, pierced nipples being better than inverted ones I suppose.

I had inverted nipples up until age 20, when I gave birth and started nursing. They never bothered me, it wasn’t until a doctor “reassured” me that they were a variation of normal that I even realized they were different.

Fully one third of all breasts I have seen and fondled have had inverted nipples.

But then that does say more about the laws of chance than my sex appeal :wink:


You are emphatically not a freak. Based on a 1999 medical paper, I can tell you that the prevalence of this variant is 3.26% in a sample of unmarried Korean women between the ages of 19 and 26. Please see citation:

Other variants of normal include absence of nipple(s), absence of breast(s), extra nipple(s) or breast(s).

Medically speaking, inverted nipples can be an issue if (1) you want to breastfeed (may make it more difficult, but help is available) and (2) if your nipple was previously not inverted and becomes inverted, you need to get a breast exam +/- mammogram done to rule out an underlying breast cancer.

Cite re: breastfeeding and types of flat/inverted nipples:

Some women end up surgically correcting the inversion to make themselves more happy with their self-image, but I like pseudotriton ruber ruber’s point of view that inverted nipples can be considered as even more feminine/sexy than “garden variety outies”.

It’s not at all unusual, but you might still be a freak for some other reason.

I’m Japanese.
My nipples invert.
Matbe you are half-Japanese? :stuck_out_tongue:

:eek: Naturally?

I never thought that’s what “turning Japanese” meant.

Yep, I’m afraid so. For example, many people who have ‘extra’ nipples are not aware they have more than 2 nipples (more common in males, apparently) - they think that the spot(s) are moles.

You know, those inverted nipples pop right out if you have someone suck on 'em hard enough.

Well, I’m sure it beats having an inverted pee-pee. :slight_smile:

Fully 1/1 of my sampling were not, but what do I know?

An old girlfriend had TWO inverted nipples. One on each breast; if she had extras I didn’t know about them.