Why don't I have nipples?!

I am an 18 year old male, who has never had nipples. Well, I have nipples, but I don’t have the little “dot” in the middle of my nipples. Sorry, I am not privy to anatomical formalities. Anyway, do I have inverted nipples? I looked up inverted nipples on the internet, and only found information about women and breastfeeding. Am I the only male in the world with inverted nipples,(actually I think a girl in my freshman history class told me that her dad had them too, don’t remember how that one came up)? Or are other males just not concerned about them because well, men don’t need nipples.

Anyway, it looks kind of weird when I flex my pecs cuz the nipple curls over where the “dot” should be. I know I shouldn’t be concerned about my looks so much, but it’s strange and I hate it. Any info on male inverted nipples, why I have them, and if there is anything that I could do.

Thanks all

Well, i’m not exactly sure about your situation, but this made me think about something else. And I didn’t wanna make a new thread so I’ll just ask it in here.

Why do men even HAVE nipples? We don’t use them for anything, do we? Certainly not the usage that women have them for anyway… anyone care to explain?

Why men have nipples.

It sounds like inverted nipples to me.

One way to draw 'em out is to get 'em pierced.

heh I’m sure someone will come along with a better suggestion! :slight_smile:

I’ve got four of them though I admit the fourth is pretty hard to make out.

Jimmy? Is this you? Do you have innies instead of outies?


Find someone really friendly to suck 'em out. WARNING: it can be a wee bit intense

It does sound like you have inverted nipples. Women can get some kind of pump devise to coax em out, so maybe it works on men too. Why don’t you ask a doctor if you don’t like it?
Good luck.