A Notice from The Man.

Hello. I am The Man.

I’ve been trying to be nice about this, and take the high ground, but it’s gotten to the point where I can’t take it any more.

Some of you here (VC03 I’m looking at you) have been “sticking it” to me, in little ways here and there, for some time now. At first it was just a minor nuisance, a write-off on the balance sheet or a Cleanup In Aisle Three every now and again.

But you know what? I’ve had it up to here.

From now on, The Man is going to Strike Back.

I won’t say how, or where, or even exactly to which or whom among you my revenge will fall. But it is coming. And it will be sweet for me, and bitter for you.

Bwa. Ha. Ha.


The Man

How’re them new meds* workin’ out for you, robardin?

  • Some patients may experience mild paranoia, delusions of grandeur, restless sleep and oily anal discharge…

Hey Man,

Could you talk to Whitey for me? He’s been keeping me down.


Dear The Man,

The garbage needs to go out. And would you get the Crock-Pot off the top shelf for me? Oh, and this jar of pickles is stuck shut.

The Woman

Dear The Man,

I’ve been workin’ for you for several years now, and makin’ you bread.

Please could you reciprocate with some sort of bonus scheme, or at least an ‘employee of the month’ button.

Wait, how can you be “The Man”? I thought you rooted for the Mets. “The Man” being a major corporate player, would of course root for the Yankees. That is just one of the reasons why Rudy Giuliani is “The Man”. :wink:

BTW: I thought TPTB (not to be confused with “The Man”) were already keeping **VCO3 ** down by having him suspended for the month?


You didn’t think my asking about absinthe in CS was a coincidence, did you? :wink:

I used to work for you every night and day. Then I quit my job and became a riverboat hippie. It’s great; people here are happy to give.

Be sure to use all of the traditional Man smackdown techniques: eviction notices, disciplinary write-ups, expulsion, petty drug busts, job dismissals, attitude lectures, and maybe even an old-fashioned can of whoop-ass. I look forward to you bringing the riff-raff back into line.

I protest, I have never once “stuck it to the man” but I am always being punished for other people doing it. If everyone else is sticking it to everyone else I am going to be stuck in the middle getting stuck the most. So cut it out! Leave me alone!

Get off my lawn!

Is that what’s causing that?? 'Cause I thought… well, nevermind what I thought…

slinks away

No, Wile E, The Man has to mow that lawn!

What, never losing one minute of sleeping worrying bout the way things might have been not good enough for you?

Up yours, honky.

♫ I’m waiting for my man,
Twenty-six dollars in my hand… ♫

I’m waiting for you to tee off so I can acknowledge you.

Hey, man, are you really The Man, man? 'Cause, man, that’s cool, if you’re The Man, man.

Aren’t you way too young to remember that song? :wink:

I’m the man as well, and I think we need to talk about how you’ve been pushing your 15 minute breaks to 20 minutes. I don’t have a problem with you leaving the premises during break, but I’m going to need you to clock out for that time now.


Dear The Man,

How you doin’?


So I slave all day without much pay
'cause I’m just abiding my time
'cause your company and your daughter you see
Their both gonna be all mine