A Patient Stretched Out

I understand that patience is the order of the day. I’m just curious to find out if everyone else is having the same problem that I’m having.

When I go to a forum – Cafe Society, for example – the first topic is one from several days ago: Songs that make you embarrassingly weepy. But when I look on the Main Page at a list of the Forums, the first topic listed for Cafe Society is Frances Cobain’s “Suicide 16”.

I have a sneaking suspicion the party has been moved.

Shall I eat a peach?

Anyone remember The Point from 1970?

from Life Line
by Harry Nilsson

"Down to the bottom,
Is there anybody else here?

It’s cold and I’m so lonely,
Is there anybody else here?"

I’m not having that problem. It may be that the problem is your end and that clearing your cookies and logging in again would help. More likely, my lack of problem browsing the boards is due to the time of day I look at them. There are evidently lots of things that are not yet working properly.

I’m not a mod or anything, obviously.

Just a WAG, but I notice the “Last Post” column in the forum display has a little Sort arrow next to the column name. Is yours pointing down, so that the most recently posted-to threads are displayed first?

Thanks for your responses Shoeless and hawthorne.

After my DSL bit the dust, everything went haywire. Eventually I noticed that even the Yahoo News was a little stale after I read about the Emmys for three days in a row. So I knew it wasn’t just the SDMB.

Eventually I clicked on “Refresh” and found that I hadn’t been relegated to the twilight zone.**

I didn’t even know if others could see my thread. I could post to the first thread visible in every Forum. That was it for new stuff.

It was so creepy I almost swore off being mean.