A Penis Question

When exactly did it become a “member”?

And who thinks of goofy shit like calling a penis a “member”???



“Member” is an old, old word for a body part, not just a penis (hence, the term “dismemberment”). Sometimes the penis is referred to as the “male member,” to make it clear that you’re not talking about a thumb or a foot.

Of course, in some contexts a general term clearly refers to something more specific that the speaker does not want to name explicitly. So you have sexual organs referred to as simply organs, or even more extreme cases such as “thing.”

In olden days it was done out of delicacy. Now it’s often for comic effect.

When it got tired of posting as a “guest”.

That was *so *much better than my answer.

Thanks for the laugh, runner pat and thanks for the answer, TWDuke!


Remember this the next time someone calls you a valued member. Guess what they are really calling you.

Mine is a member in good standing, thank you very much.

I still snicker at the word member. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t work for a credit union.

in german it is teil, part.

I would rather call it something like member or part that some of the really nasty sounding words. Fuckstick is particularly reprehensible.

Of course some comedians have great jokes, isnt it Robin Williams who calls it his heat seeking moisture missile and mr happy in one routine?

Mine is actually a Charter Member.

There was a cartoon made in 1975 by George Griffin called The Club in which all the members are, well, “members”. You can see them working out in the gym. On the wall, they have portraits of vaginas.

I’m trying to figure out how it can be a “sexual organ” with only one pipe. . .

It’s not really an organ, more of a woodwind. :smiley:

This explains Members Only™ jackets. They were wore mostly by dicks. :stuck_out_tongue:

And YouTube comes through again!

http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=13mWMj19ENw

(link broken because it’s NSFW).

That is just…weird.

Not to be confused with Winwood

I think I will re-member this.

You beat me to it.

But I’m glad you’re only a guest here. I’d hate to have a member beat ME.

Unfortunately, recently mine has only been a lurker.:frowning: :smiley: