A piano mysteriously appeared in my house and no one knows its origin

So I’m living in Indonesia with my husband and son, because my husband’s job brought us here. But we do own a home in the US, although we generally only see it for a few weeks every summer.

My husband and son are vacationing at our house right now (I’m still in Indonesia, couldn’t go along this year). We were just talking on Skype, and I mentioned that I was getting a lot of things done that I usually don’t have time for, like practicing the piano.

“Oh yeah,” says my husband. “I saw the piano at our house here, you must have acquired that last year after I left.”

Um, I don’t remember buying a piano. And while my memory sucks, it generally only fails on mundane things like where I put my purse down. Big things, like buying a piano, I generally recall.

So there is a piano in our house, and we haven’t got the faintest clue how it got there.

The piano fairy dropped it off of course. I mean duh.

It probably let itself in. After all it’s got the keys.

You win.

Impressive. The biggest thing I’ve ever manifested out of hammerspace was a rubber chicken in a backpack. A piano is on a completely different scale.

Is that a piano in your house, or are you just happy to see me?

Never look a gift piano in the…ah forget it.

pictures rubber chicken wearing a backpack

goes back for more caffeine

Ah yes, the old Southeast Asian sneak-a-piano-into-the-farang’s-house-back-home scam. I know it well.

Okay…that’s dammed impressive. :cool: :cool:

I nominate don’t ask for the Nifty-est SDMB comeback of the Year™ award.

Was the piano tastefully arranged?

CairoCarol–was it a nude piano?
Was it holding a rose in its teeth?
Perhaps you have a Secret Piano Admirer? :smiley:

Could be you failed to remember purchasing a piano. Could be that your hubby failed to remember which house on the block to live in.

Perhaps he meant it was a piano accordion. Because every house has one of those, hidden under the stairs until it gets unleashed during the frisky season.

I second Larry Mudd; this is by far the funniest thing I’ve read in a long, long time. :smiley:


It’s so corny I can’t stop laughing. If I had more chins they’d be bobbing and swaying hypnotically. don’t ask is my newest hero.

You are a sick bastard and I worship the ground you walk on.

Its so simple. If you find out how and through whom it was delivered you can trace its point of origin. Most time these things come by van


Two years ago, a piano of unknown origin was found on top of a mountain in Great Britain. The only logical conclusion, now that there is record of a second piano appearing under mysterious circumstances, is that there is a parallel universe full of pianos. Occasionally, a hiccup in the space-time continuum opens a hole to the other universe, and a piano drops through to ours. Simultaneously, random socks are transferred to the other universe, which is why you end up with so many un-matched socks in the laundry.

You can add me to the adulation, too. That was awesome.

Dingdingding…we have a winnah!

I think we can all go home now. Nobody’s gonna top that comeback!