A Pit thread for Asahi

Locked temporarily today, and Asahi told not to post in it again, due to the homophobic insanity.

Yeah, just read about it a few minutes ago.

This little episode reminds me of something I saw on Family Guy last night. Stewie’s girlfriend is cheating on him and he asks Brian, “what kind of man would I be if I were to run off now?” Brian says, totally deadpan, “well, you would be a black man.”


Yes, kind of my point.

And it’s a warning now.

The homophobic shit wasn’t enough for ya? Couldn’t resist adding in some racism?

Are you ready? and if so, in what way? and finally how does marching up and down the street with a big sign saying “THE END IS NEAR!” get us ready. We get it! Things are fucked up and the Republicans are looking to fuck us up further.

However, right now attacking the RNC with molotov cocktails and rounding up Republican voters into reeducation camps will not be productive as it will probably get us arrested and turn the tide of public opinion against us. So we will have to settle for legal remedies of trying to play by the rules of civil society and do what we can to turn public opinion.

Meanwhile having someone screaming that we are doomed every 10 minutes is not particularly helpful when we already know what you are saying. Its like the life support alarms in the COVID ward. Yes the patient’s life is in danger, but we already know about it and are doing what we can which we realize may not be enough, so having the damn thing screeching without us being able to turn it off is not improving matters.

Why do I have the feeling that asahi’s super-secret encoded plan will be,

I think this is the main point. It’s not that he’s wrong about the Republicans’ intent. It’s that he’s really fucking annoying and unconstructive.

It’s not the intent; it’s the results.

The homophobia is just a bonus, right?

Don’t forget that I’m a misogynist as well :roll_eyes:

“I insult men by comparing them to women. But it doesn’t mean I think women are lessor, or course not. Women are great, in their place!”

Or maybe you’re not a misogynist, maybe you’ll just say whatever it takes to get attention. Me me me!

Maybe he’s Dr. Cox.

For at least two years now.

One sometimes gets the feeling that the end goal is to stand atop the ruins of America saying “See? I told you so!”.

I’m sure there will be time enough at last for such a stunt.

Best pack some extra glasses for the occasion.


Good god, man! Are you brain dead? Do you have some sort of mental/social disability?

What on earth would possess you to post something as equally offensive as what is being discussed here? In other words, what was your motivation?

You seem like the type of poster who would benefit from reading more and posting less.

As it seems to have flown over at least two poster’s heads, I was likening asahi’s post to Brian’s “joke”. Stewie is the collective 'dope saying not cool. The point was that both came across as very offensive, not that I found Brian’s joke to be funny (it’s funny that Brian is racist, his Black joke wasn’t itself funny).