A Pit thread for Asahi

For at least two years now.

One sometimes gets the feeling that the end goal is to stand atop the ruins of America saying “See? I told you so!”.

I’m sure there will be time enough at last for such a stunt.

Best pack some extra glasses for the occasion.


Good god, man! Are you brain dead? Do you have some sort of mental/social disability?

What on earth would possess you to post something as equally offensive as what is being discussed here? In other words, what was your motivation?

You seem like the type of poster who would benefit from reading more and posting less.

As it seems to have flown over at least two poster’s heads, I was likening asahi’s post to Brian’s “joke”. Stewie is the collective 'dope saying not cool. The point was that both came across as very offensive, not that I found Brian’s joke to be funny (it’s funny that Brian is racist, his Black joke wasn’t itself funny).


I don’t think that anything flew over anyone’s head here.

They pointed out that you referenced an offensive “joke”, which you did. That you were using it as an example as another offensive joke is not anything that people are confused by. What confuses anyone is why you would choose to do such a thing.

It doesn’t matter if you found it funny or not, what matters is that you thought it was appropriate to share with the class.

It really wasn’t.

This being the pit, I doubt anything will come of it other than other posters thinking poorly of you. But I would caution against using such tactics in other forums where it is more likely that there would be sanctions.

How’s that workin’ for ya?

It seems I misread the room, and actually have no idea why dopers bother pitting people.


We pit people so that we can talk about the stupid and/or offensive shit that they have said, not so that we can say stupid and/or offensive shit ourselves.

It’s really not that difficult a concept.

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Um, I’ll push back and say that I say stupid stuff, but I am usually not trying to.

Fair question, CMC. Fair question.

Join the club!
(We meet Thursday nights after Grey’s Anatomy, at Ed’s Bowl ‘N’ Bluff. For bowling, poker and saying stupid stuff)

Seriously, I’ve appreciated it when some of you have called me on my “Anything can be a joke” attitude.

Now asahi thinks Alec Baldwin should serve hard time, not because of the details of the shooting, which are not yet known, but because asahi thinks he’s a scumbag.

Lest anyone think that’s hyperbole, he really did say:

I hate Alec Baldwin and hope he does hard time in prison.

And when asked needscoffee asked “Without even know the details of how it happened?”

I don’t need to know the details. He’s a scumbag.

So I’m now firmly in the “He’s losing it” camp.

I was tempted to ask him “So, if anyone that you hate is involved in an accident, they should immediately be incarcerated? Can we have a list, so’s not to miss anyone? Or have you given it to the authorities already?”

He thinks Baldwin deserves it because of the viral recording of Baldwin angrily berating his daughter. Worth doing hard time for?

And for a completely unrelated incident.

Hoo, boy, just wait til I catch Tom Cruise jay walking… in the slammah!

Okay, now that one I can get behind!

Uh-oh, suicide by mod.