A plea from Crunchy Frog to all Dopers

Hello friends.

You know I love you all, right?
Except that one guy. I hate that guy. Fuck him.
But I love the rest of you!

Now I don’t ask much – at least I haven’t in the past 48 hours or so. But I have a very important favor to ask everyone here:


I work 4-midnight and I’ll be working tomorrow when the SuperBowl is played and so I have to tape it. I would like to not know the outcome of the game when I watch it, so PLEASE if you discuss the game, don’t post the winning team’s name in the subject line.

::on knees::

Please please please PLEASE don’t spoil the game for me.

Thank you and don’t forget I love you all*.

*Except that guy.


I never could refuse a man on his knees. :slight_smile:

I promise not to post anything about the Super Bowl.

Arden Ranger - you know, as long as I’m down here, and we seem to be alone… :wink:

Superbowl to flirting in one post. I think that’s a new record for one of my own threads. I usually stay on topic for at least 3 posts.

Go me!

Seeing as you’re down there…


Guess you set a new record, eh? And where’s my damn wooing?

Just to rub it in, the weekend manager is arranging for the Super Bowl to be tubed in and ran on all 4 big screen TV’s here in the control room…


I got your damn wooing.

Should I start another thread, or seeing as that thread will only draw a very slim percentage of posters who are interested, should I just send you emails?

Hrm…decisions, decisions. Shall I go for the ego feed, or the nasty sex-talk? Difficult choice. Guess I’ll leave it up to you, Froggy.

Let me rephrase something from the OP:

“You know I love you all, right?
Except those two guys. I hate those two guys. Fuck them.
But I love the rest of you!”

I work for AT&T, we’re allowed to watch CNN and that’s it. I’ll be working with my back to the TVs and sound speakers off all night. Do it’s going to be a long boring night.

Any volunteers to email me or call me (toll free number) so I don’t get the urge to look up who won the game during work hours?

Or we could let the anticipation build and I’ll woo the hell out of you during the Springfield Dopefest. :wink:

Nononononono. I need wooing. I need it NOW!

Don’t post anything about the SuperBowl because some Frog is working? Get real, man.


So what’s gonna happen if I post it in the thread title?

Like I’m gonna get toad away or something… sheesh!

That’s not what I’m asking. I’m just asking that the winner isn’t named in the subject line, so I don’t see it while just browing through the different forums. If I open a football related thread or something and see it, it’s my own damn fault.

I’d just prefer not to stop by MPSIMS at 11:00 or whatever, an hour before I get to go home, and see the thread title at the top of the screen Ravens are the Champs or Giants WIN!!! Is that so much to ask?

Who’s the guy? It’s not me is it? I hope it’s not me…it would feel as if I was stabbed in the back by a fellow Python fan if it was me? Is it me? I bet it’s me…it’s always me. I can’t take the suspense! Is it me?!?

It’s not me, is it.


No, Monster104, it’s me. He tricked you all into thinking it was a “he”.

Ever since that divorce…

Just giving you a hard time, Froggy. Trying to be #3, is that too much to ask?

Actually, I have a suggestion. If it’s REALLY important to NOT know the outcome of the game, maybe you should just not read the board Sunday night. Never mind, bad idea.

Still trying for #3.

As long as you’re down there…how 'bout servicing me sexually? Oh, right. Corruption of a minor. Sigh. :o

Don’t worry, Crunchy, I wouldn’t tell you. I probably won’t even know. I’m out of it. I don’t watch football or the Superbowl, except maybe for the commercials. And I would do you this favor, even if I did. Rest safely. :slight_smile:

The idea of someone taping the Superbowl. Ah, the day and age in which we live…

Any idea how dull my job is from 4-midnight on a Sunday? Imagine twice a month, your job is to watch TV. Not a bad job, but the only channel you get is the Great Lawns of America network and they’re having a marathon showing of the time Farmer Ted re-sod his lawn with soysia.

Now imagine something 10 times more boring than that and you’ve almost got it.

How do you know you weren’t #1? :wink:

Okay, Crunchy, but I’m telling ya, it’s the Ravens all the way. There’s no question about it; Baltimore kicks ass, and the Ravens will undoubtedly benefit from our high level of kick-ass-edness.

12-3, my man. Ravens take it home!