A poll for people that sleep on their sides

If you sleep on your side, what do you do with your arm that is on the bed?

I tuck it.

I tuck it, but I found it’s more comfortable if I tuck my hand under the pillow instead of directly under my head.

Usually tucked under my pillow (and, thus, my head), though sometimes it ends up tucked between my knees.

More or less straight out, but a variation: I like the forearm/wrist raised above the bed slightly, supported by a small bunched up wad of sheet/blanket. Feels more comfortable than just straight out.

Down toward my legs.

When I’m on my left side, my arm is tucked under the pillow. On my right side, my forearm faces my face. I’ve tried arm tucked under on my right, or arm facing face on my left, and it’s very uncomfortable. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I was just coming in to say something similar - it depends on what side I’m sleeping on. Sleeping on my left I tend to have my arm hanging out more or less straight, but have an occasional tendency to have it pulled up and to then slump my head onto my shoulder which is a neck/shoulder pain creator. Sleeping on my right just lately I’ve been tucking my arm in and unconsciously cupping my face with my hand, which leads to a sore, stiff hand. I can’t win ;).

I’ve been trying to break both of those odd sleeping habits when I’m drifting off.

I voted other, because it varies.

I think most common is wrapped around my head and facing me; but sometimes it’s tucked under my head, or under the pillow; and occasionally it’s stretched straight out for a while.

And sometimes it’s wrapped around a cat.

I voted other because I tuck it under my pillow.

Both hands tucked under my pillow, kept safe from playful cats.

Hands together tucked under my head; like an angel. Around here we refer to it as sleeping with “puppy paws”

…why are you assuming that I sleep in a fixed position? I move around. A lot. I flip sides but I also wiggle, kick the blankets off, etc. I’m the kind of sleeper which makes it clear why some married couples prefer twin beds to a large one.

Where my arm atop the mattress goes depends among other things on whether I have a decent pillow or not, on the temperature and on which side I’m facing. With a decent pillow and a comfortable temperature, it will be anywhere between “straight down in front of my body”, “folded so that the hand is somewhere ahead of my shoulder/head” and “pretty much straight out, dangling over the side” (this last version is of course not available if I’m facing the wall). With a pillow designed for flat-sleepers, it’s going to be under the pillow, trying to prevent that crick in my neck :mad:

How would I know, I’m asleep? Seriously, I move around in my sleep and have no idea what I’m doing.

I spoon the pillow. (And have another pillow between my legs to keep the back aligned.

I’m a mover. My hands and arms are all over the place. I lay down with the intention of one arm under the pillow my heads on. It never stays there. I’m a fetal position sleeper when I’m deeply asleep, so my arms are tucked into my chest area.

similar to this, I hug the body pillow that is also wedged between my knees

I switch, constantly.

I voted “Other,” as well, because I have several different ways of doing this. On my left side, my left arm is usually straight. If The Big Crow’s pillow is close enough, I’ll tuck my hand under it and pinch a bit of the case between my fingers. Also, I generally tuck my right hand under my left elbow.

On my right side, my right arm is usually straight, jutting out over the edge of the bed. If the arthritis in my wrist is acting up , this gets uncomfortable fast. So I fold my arms across my upper chest, with my hands on either side of my neck.

The Big Crow bought this bed long before I came into the picture. Frankly, it’s not comfortable for a side sleeper like me. I usually wind up spending most of the night on my back.

This is me, but I voted “forearm facing my face” because I figured that meant “face facing my forearm”, which is basically what it is. My pillow sticks out beyond my face a bit, and my hand goes under the distant edge of it, bent 90 degrees or so at the elbow.

Regarding lying on that arm, I actually have two pillows under my head and one pillow under my torso to create something of a ramp, with a space left between the pillows at shoulder level to form a canyon for my arm to rest in.