Where Do Your Arms Go While You Sleep

I’m a side sleeper who has no idea what to do with my arms when I fall asleep because no matter what I try, one arms falls asleep throughout the night.

Arms under pillow for me. But in general, I wish they were detachable and could be placed next to the bed at night.

I generally sleep on my stomach with my arms beside or underneath my pillow. This position usually my back hurt, but for some reason it’s the easiest position for me to fall asleep in. Occasionally, I’ll sleep on my side while hugging a pillow.

My sister sleeps on her back with her arms crossed like a vampire. Totally freaky. Her husband says he’s sometimes afraid she’s going to wake up and kill him.

Other. Side sleeper, and my bottom arm lies thusly: upper arm straight out along the bottom of the pillow, bent at the elbow and hand sort of rests on my upper shoulder/back of my neck. I used to curl it under the pillow and lie my head on it, but I heard it was really bad for your shoulder to be positioned like that so I shifted, and have since grown accustomed to it.

I said side with arms under pillow, but it’s more like half on my side, half on my tummy. One leg drawn up, one arm under pillow, the other tucked against me.

Odd, but comfortable.

I’m a pillow hugger.


Everywhere, I move several times during the night.

I answered Other, because it’s really all of the above. Sleeping in bed, I’m either on my stomach with my arms under the pillow, or on my side, grabbing the pillow. When I nap, I’m on my back with my hands behind my head, but sometimes they’ll move to my sides or cross over my chest.

And the TV has to be on.

Stomach sleeper, arms start out stretched up either under or over the pillow but then they go numb and I half-wake to reposition them. Once back asleep they creep back up again, so lather, rinse and repeat.


I sleep on my side, with my eyes open. Staring… Just staring…

I’m an “other” sort of. I sleep on my side. I switch sides through the night, waking, turning (sometimes getting up for a drink or to pee) back to sleep. On my right side, my right arm goes under/behind the other pillow out straight. It rarely falls asleep. Left side, left arm goes under my pillow, elbow bent. The last three finger of my left hand fall asleep every time.

I hug a stuffed cat. I am mocked, but it’s just the right size. I have a really hard time sleeping without that cat.

I am a side sleeper and I just cross my arms in the front (as if I am angry) They don’t fall asleep and aren’t in the way.

Mind you, I have unusually short arms (I believe my husband uses the term ‘freakish’).

I sleep on my side with the bottom arm under the pillow and the top arm wherever it happens to end up (usually along my side, under the covers.)

I have no idea what happens when I am asleep… part of the definition of “asleep” really.

I do the angry cross arm side sleeping thing but whatever arm that is vertical falls asleep. I also do bottom arms completely perpendicular to my body and upper arm hugging myself. I cannot say enough word on the whole detachable arm thing!

Other: both arms raised and crossed above my head. Soon after falling asleep I usually roll onto my side.

I sleep on my side, arms move throughout the night. Rarely under the pillow.

I went with other because I switch from side to back. Lying on my stomach with my arms under the pillow feels good for short spurts, but if I sleep like that one or both arms will fall asleep to the point where I can’t move them at all. They literally just flop about. It was very disconcerting the first time it happened, but now it is just annoying, especially when the alarm is going off.