A poll for the ladies re: terminology for "that area"

Burton, in his translation of the Arabian Nights, somethimes uses “quente”, probably a throwback to the Chacer term noted here. Burton’s odd use of language has troubled some, but I love it.

I think calling it her “sex” is suitably euphemistic without being too harlequin romancy.
Persinally I like the term “pussy” but for some that is perhaps too indelicate.

Pussy is the thing most men lust for, the cunt is the one who owns it.


:dubious: Don’t get laid much I’m guessing?

This thread reminds me of the song ‘You Can’t Say Cunt In Canada’.

Don’t tell Kevin Bloody Wilson what he can and can’t say!

I have nothing useful to add but wanna say… OMG Jophiel sighting!

PS. “Fruminous bandersnatch” seems to be en vogue these days.


The wheels of Jophiel SDMB membership grind slow but sure :wink:

As an aside, writing my little love letter led me to realize once again that, all her wonderful intellectual, spiritual and other qualities aside – by ladyfriend is freakin’ hot :smiley:

Cleft, lily, or you could borrow a phrase from a old Japanese pillow book “cinnabar cleft”.

And it can sing, too.

A la Anais Nin, you could call it her “delta of Venus”. Or “feminine delta” or just “delta” for short.

I wouldn’t worry about the more old-fashioned terms either, seeing how you’re doing a remarkable thing in writing your girlfriend a good, old-fashioned letter. :slight_smile:


Like I said.
For goodness sake, don’t let her find out you consulted about it in a public forum. You will die. You will want to.

Not much worry of that. Anyway, I’m not talking about her, per se.

But, in any event, I wasn’t planning on bringing it up. She’d just giggle madly at me anyway, knowing her.

You could go Asian on her ass and call it “The Jade Gate”, and her orgasm “Clouds and Rain”.

Mons sounds beautiful, without the venus tacked on.

Lips, cleft, clit (pearl, if you’re poetic) all work for details. Don’t forget your positional adverbs which can be euphemistic too.

I like pudendum, but it sounds kind of victorian.

Now I like that idea! Give her a peek into a man’s perception.

Sounds like a clock part- DUM! DONG! DUM!


Cunt is one of my favourite terms, and I’d even consider it romantic were Mr. Indigo to whisper it to me in the throes of passion. But then, I’m dirty.

Jophiel, next time ask her what she calls it.

I’m in favor of “cunt” myself (in both senses) but as has been said, that’s a minority view.