A poll for the ladies re: terminology for "that area"

So I’m writing my beloved a letter and, in it, am describing portions of her body. I’m still lingering in the Neck-Breast-Arm tricounty area but, a little further south, I’m going to be hitting interesting territory.

My problem is coming up with a term for it that doesn’t sound overly clinical, vulgar or like something from a Harliquinn romance novel. Leaving it out altogether would be rather obvious in its absence so I need to think of something.

Ladies? Ideas? What would read well to your eyes without breaking the mood?

dude checking in.

yeah, i know the stipulations for this post, but i couldn’t resist…

my favorite non-vulgar ones are:

play-doh fun factory (as in “the baby had a conehead after comeing out of the play-doh fun factory”)

“fertile crescent”

i’ve got more, but i’m restraining myself. what is it about us guys in which we must develop euphemisms?

make that “coming”

grumbles something about college guys needing naps after 4 and a half hours of sleep and 3 early classes

Pleasure zone.

Front butt

Da golden palace of da himalayas.

Well, the “correct” terms just remind me of health class.

I’m foreseeing a tremendous chaff:wheat ratio coming out of this thread but I’ll see if someone can’t strike literary gold for me :smiley:

Chaucer, in the Wife of Bath’s Tale in The Canterbury Tales, uses quondam (“whatever”, to very freely translate) and belle chose (“pretty thing”).
In the Arabian Nights’ tale of the Porter and the Three Ladies of Baghdad, you have sesame seed and The Khan (Inn) of Abu Mansour.
If you’re avoiding circumlocutions, you can always try the obscure by nifty-sounding quim.

FWIW: Richard Wagner wanted to name his opera “Tannhauser” the “Mount of Venus” after the home of the pagan goddess Tannhauser hangs out with. A physician freind pointed out that the area of which you speak was known as “the mons of Venus”.

Hint: Do not tell da broard dat youse had help wit da toim. Dames are picky about youse talkin’ about dem.

wasn’t “mount of Venus” an old-fashioned term?

some kind of reference to the Bermuda triangle (ya know, a guy could get lost there)?

I was scooped! darn you carnivorousplant

sigh…my first simulpost

Delicate flower.

Feminine folds. snicker I can’t say that one without a giggle.

Do you mean the Fuzzy Pumper?
How about:

The Mines of Moria
The Ol’ Pencil Sharpner
Hugh Grant

Chicks love Hugh Grant

Guys? You think women like “vagina”? Not a word that should be used outside of a doctor’s office. We need euphemisms.

Personally I like “cunt” but I suppose I’m in the minority of woman who consider that a romantic term.

Mount of Venus can also be mons venus which I think is a bit better…and while a bit Harliquinny, is rather charming I think.

Or fuckhole…ok, probably in the minority there too…

Why use a specific noun at all? Just describe this “interesting territory” as if you didn’t know what it was called. :slight_smile:

Eliott in Scrubs calls vaginas “Bajingos” and the penis a “peeper” or “Schwing Schwong”.

In Fierce Invlids Home From Hot Climates , Tom Robbins’s protagonist knows the term for ‘a lady’s treasure’ in about 130 languages. If you pick up a copy at the library, you should find something quaint.

Or you could go with ‘a lady’s treasure’. Or ‘quaint’ :

(Not work safe link, thus my asteriks):Answers.com

In the interest of time, I weenied out and subtlely referenced it along with her hips.

Such was my thinking. I did like mons venus though and will file it away for next time.

I don’t think “cunt” would go over real well. :stuck_out_tongue:

I seem to recall a 187h century writer (Pepys?) who, writing letters to his wife when he was away, would urge her to prepare “the little thatched cottage” for his arrival home. I always liked that one, though it’s probably way too fruity for our coarser age.

Well as longs as you look like this :stuck_out_tongue: she probably won’t mind what you call it (of course she probably won’t be able to understand you at the time :smiley: ).