A Pre-Hijacked MMP

Just some miscellanous stuff to kick things off. Since there’s really no topic, it ain’t like it’s a real OP, thus it is pre-hijacked for your postin’ pleasure. :smiley:

I have two wall calendars in da cave. Both of ‘em have cute pitchers of puppies. AWWWWWW… the one in the study is where I write down birthdays. I have this compulsive need to send birthday cards to people in my church. Thus, when the monthly birthday list is published in the church newsletter, I write down all the birthdays and send a thoughtfully chosen card (okay, I buy those four for a dollar cards down at the Dollar General store just down the road from da cave) to the birthday boy or girl. BTW, I have sent out twenty-three cards so far in January, which is a biiiiiiiiiiiig month for birthdays down at ol’ St. Pat’s. The other calendar is where I write down stuff I absolutely must remember such as doctor/dentist appointments, weddings, invites to parties and the like. The most recent entry to this calendar is for June 12th. It’s for a wedding of the son of a good friend from church at a local plantation with a blowout of a reception/party to follow. We Whiskypalians like us a good party!

I baked a ham for Sunday lunch. Ok, so what bear you say. It was a gooooooooooooood ham! It was also a small ham so the eight people who were at da cave for lunch ate up most of it. It was a bone in ham so I have a ham bone. Ham bones are a good thing!

I make good Bloody Mary’s. Yeah, yeah, I’ve mentioned this a few times but since they are so good, I mention it again. So There! :stuck_out_tongue:

Somebody at church told me she likes to sit in front of me because she likes to hear me singin’ the hymns. Some people have strange taste in music. :smiley: She can’t sit behind me cause I anchor down the back pew. What? I like that pew! Of course sometimes I will sit somewhere else just to mess with people’s haids. Like the time I did this a couple of weeks ago and got a call from somebody later on that afternoon askin’ me if I was sick because she didn’t see me in church. Apparently, if I change my pew, I become invisible. Not the greatest super power to have, huh.

I found two unopened boxes of staples in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet. Each box contains 1000 staples. I will never, ever, never, need that many staples, not even should I live to be 400 years old. There is an open box of staples in the bottom drawer of my computer desk that has what appears to be maybe two or three of those little ummm… would that be “racks” of staples perhaps havin’ been used. I wonder which relative would like to be bequeathed staples in my will. :smiley:

For that matter, why do I have two staplers on my computer desk? Mayhaps for the same reason I have an unopened four pack of “C” batteries on my desk? I don’t think I even own anything that requires “C” batteries. :confused:

This post contains excessive smilies which is considered to be gauche and a fox paw. I don’t care. So There! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! That was, um,* random*.

Thanks for sharing, swampy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, not a serial killer yet anyways. So far it’s only my handwritin’ that’s serial killer like. :smiley:

BTW, I’m callin’ out BioRosie for suggestin’ I checkout FB. I foresee wastin’ hyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge amounts of time there. Who Knew!

Welcome to my world. :D:p

A stream of consciousness MMP? I am posting now because there is no way I’ll be able to keep up this week.
I would really like my life to slow down for a bit. I am (again) working the next 6 out of 7 days; last week, I did the same and went to PALS on Saturday (running a code on infant or child). I am now PALS certified (I have to do this every 2 years, same with ACLS, which is the same for adults). I am SICK of my days off being spent doing this kind of thing. I have to do something similar in February when I have computer training for the RN job. :rolleyes:

Could someone give TH a job so I could quit one of mine? Please? He’s got lots of skills and positive attributes that I’ve not shared with any of you.
In other news–hell, I have no other news. All I do is sleep and go to work. :frowning: I do get to submit a job description to HR for a substitute librarian so that I can start having days off there, though. YAY!

Hi! I will play in the MMP, I will, I will.

Swampy, you make me smile!

Awwww… soapy that’s sweet. Mostly people say I make 'em want to point and laugh.

Hi Soapy!

I repeat my offer from the last MMP. Now I go to shower and sleep and see if this sore throat will leave me. If not, I’m going to have to impose on Night Audit Lady to stick around until GM comes in to send me home. Can’t answer the phones with no voice.

You can mail the extra C batteries to me.

I’m trying to finish up May of my calendar, so I can plan out the semester, which was why I needed to do this calendar now. I have to write a proposal for the project I’m doing for one of my classes Somehow I’m the only one doing the class with that teacher, so it’s combined with another lower-level class, so I’m doing it as an independent study sort of thing. But I have to write up what I’m doing with due dates and everything.

Argh, and now I’m finding more mistakes in my calendar. I already fixed one wrong birthday. Now I have my uncle’s bday in two different months. ARGH.

Posting with nuttin really to say before I head to work.

This week is conf call from hell week…

Wow, were you guys fast to friend me. Damn.

So, I got five months of the calendar done. Got my homework half done (have to do the computer half). I’m sleepy and kinda hungry but I don’t want to go to bed and I don’t want to prepare anything to eat. Had a couple of crackers, gonna have some juice. Kinda lonely honestly, miss my folks and the cats.

Good morn all, well, it’s not hardly morning here it’s just 30 after one in the AM part of the night. I can’t sleep (again).
Our kitties have been crazy over their dietary changes. They’ve gone from having dry food available all the time to getting canned food three times a day. They think one of those times must be in the middle of the night. Once I’m awake, I have a hard time re-sleeping.
Good not-an-op, Swampy. I’ve had the same box of staples for, at least, 7 years and it’s only half gone. I use one or two a year.

I was surprised and disappointed by how complicated it is to become a reader in American churches. At least in the ones where I tried, you needed to sign up for the parish (that means, give money through the bank as well as through the basket - I don’t do that), plus several certificates indicating that you were confirmed and that you were in good standing in your previous parish, and… bloody hell, they have less requirements to run for the Europarliament! In Spain basically if the priest knows you’re able to read he’ll grab you. Extra points given for:

  • not using your finger to keep the spot,
  • being able to remember that the stoopit first page ends in a bad spot, so when you’re actually reading you manage to avoid stopping mid-sentence
  • being able to pronounce Ecclesiastés without choking,
  • having more feelin’ than a half-brick. When some prophet is threatening fire, brimstone and taxes, it shouldn’t read like the weather report on a boringly normal day.

The priests in our usual haunts know that if we sit further than usual it means we have a bad throat or something. If I’m so dizzy that I’d be holding onto the stand for dear life, and given that it’s unstable, I shouldn’t ought’a be reading.

There have been times we’d all met at Mass and Li’lbro or me were missing, and Mom started grumbling about our lack of Christianity, responsibility, decency and other Important Items, and the siblings who were there would tell her “well, so (s)he’s late, maybe (s)he got sick, we’ll find out” “but grumblegrumble…” And then of course the prodigal child would come out of the sacristy, as (s)he was there preparing the reading or the offerings or whatever else (s)he had been volunteered for. I once told Mom that I don’t know why she puts so much stock in controlling our Rahlliyon, because rather than make us want to go to Mass, she makes us want to go to New Zealand (where there’s Mass too, but it doesn’t involve her). My brothers Amen’ed before she had had time to do more than open her mouth. Sometimes we’re pretty much synchronized, us three!

From last week: Belated happies to FCM and Kai!

I had a busy weekend doing errands in town on Saturday and visiting my doting parent to do her list of errands on Sunday. I am back at work for a rest now.

I am not a churchgoer, being happily heathen. I do like to remember birthdays though, even though the MMP rarely remembers mine! Every year I have to update my diary/organiser thingie with birthdays and each year I sigh over the weeks where there is a birthday or anniversary of some sort every day because that requires a lot of forward-planning to make sure I get enough cards and have them in the mail early enough. I am never sure how long my overseas mail takes to arrive so I like to get them out at least a week in advance.

I also have a box of staples in my study that hasn’t been touched for at least a year or two. For some reason there’s just no need for them although I did think 'im indoors might have usd a few for some of his company stuff.

There. Now I need a cup of tea because my brain’s fizzing. Swampy, I am sending you a PM with my FB contact info because one simply cannot have too many gay style icons as friends, right?

swampbear, I happily challenge you to a Bloody Mary making (and merry making) contest. My brother-in-law (who knows his way around a Bloody Mary or three) told me that I made him the best one EVAH down in South Cackilacky! We need to at least compare notes!

Oooh! Tell me! My husband loves 'Marys, but not mine. Do you know what the real name of a virgin Mary is?..A Bloody Shame. :smiley:

Good morning all! Up and caffeinating … that’s about all right now, though. LOL

Nice OP, not an original OP? Swampy. Stream of consciousness indeed. :slight_smile: I’m taking a bit of my granola in to work, to add to my yogurt. Tonight I’ve got to dig out my travel mug so that I can use it in the mornings for tea or whatever to drink en route to work. Yes, I’m trying that again. LOL

Happy Monday all!

Happy Monday, everybody!

Uddern’dat, I got nuttin…

Throat is slightly better this morning. We’ll see how it holds out to answering the phone all day.

Someone convince me it’s not worthwhile to start an argument with the entire state of California online. I swear, some people are so freaking selfish it’s unreal.

Good luck! Sounds like you’ll need it…

It’s not worthwhile, because due to the timezones involved I will not be able to sit on the sidelines, point, and laugh.
So there :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

P.S., I PM’ed you re: Facebook. **Swampy **-- I added you as well, but for some reason it didn’t give me the option to add a note :smack: – so if you see a Friend Request from an Unidentified Israeli Object, you’ll know who it is!