A public thank-you

Just wanted to say thanks to both Sassy for her recent e-card and matt_mcl for his recent e-mail (they know why).

I don’t know why things are happening the way they are (both from what I’ve done and how others are reacting), but I appreciate your kind words and concern.

And if you’re wondering why I bothered to post a thread about this, consider it a reminder to take a little extra time with people from time to time, when you can. Often it’s appreciated more than you will ever know.


I want to publicly thank Sassy as well. She sent me something. I thanked her privately, but since you started the thread, I figured you wouldn’t mind me bumping it to give Sassers the thanks she deserves! Hopefully she feels much better today! :slight_smile:

Matt_Mcl on the other hand, he didn’t send me anything. Even, though I stayed up half the night hoping and checking and hoping and checking. Finally, after I was sick of checking and hoping, I wrote myself a letter from Matt_Mcl. It went like this.
“Dear Pat, How are you? I am fine. I have to wake up at 1pm tomorrow. That is early. G^is la revido. -Matt.”
I sent it.
Then I opened it.
I rejoiced.

Espirix, to hijack your thread a bit. How are you liking California? Is it everything you thought it would be? What do you miss most about Philadelphia? Have you looked into UCSD? Is that still in your plans? Do you like the beaches?

Just thought I would ask some questions. Hope you don’t mind. The first summer I lived in California is one of my fondest memories, even though it was a horribly stressful time. I slept on the floor of a friend of mine, and was able to take my time in looking for a job, really getting used to driving, and being used to living so far from what was once home.

I hope things aren’t too stressful for you. I hope things are fun. I hope you are enjoying the California lifestyle. I look forward to meeting you, come Feb 24th.


I also want to thank Sassy for the e-card she sent me and oldscratch… totally sweet of her!

Sassy rocks. I’m sure matt does too, but he didn’t send me a card. :wink:

Thanks for asking. In return, I will not mention that you misspelled my name. :wink:

California is, indeed, the right place for me to be right now. Getting here was streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessful, but I survived it, thankfully. Now I got a car, I’m working (temping, but it suits me), my social life is jumping, I’ve already been to Disneyland, I’m joining a gym, and I’ll soon be finishing up my list of things to do (cell phone, other places to visit, etc.) and will feel settled. (Of course, there will be a minor ruffle when my housemates and I move into the house next door in about two weeks, but it shouldn’t be too bad.) UCSD is still in the plans, but I haven’t been to chat with anyone there yet. I may be signing up with their temp service, though, to put me in the thick of things. And it’s been too damned cold for the beaches - where’s all this wonderful California weather I keep hearing about? (Of course, it’s below freezing and there’s snow on the ground back in Philly, but I think my blood’s thinned already! :eek: )

So, yes, I’m loving it here. Do I miss home? No, not yet, although I do miss my mom and my cat and my nieces and nephews a bit, but we keep in touch (Mom sent me the funniest Valentine - made me laugh out loud).

See you next Saturday!


Esprix Esprix Esprix Esprix

I am sorry about that. Hell, half of the time I spell ‘to’ wrong, so don’t feel too bad about my name misspelling.

Yeah, I was surprised my first time here about how cold it got in the winter. (Such whiners we become! Freezing cold back east, we are whining we need to wear long pants. In my defense, though. My first two years here were mild winters, so I didn’t get to hear about snow and ice and hats and gloves.)

Even in the cold, I enjoy the beach, though. I don’t really go for the swimming or the sun bathing. I just like the sand and anenomes(sp?) and the clear days so I can see the islands. Plus, in Carpenteria and Ventura I was able to see Sea Lions, Dolphins and I think a whale from the beach.

A guy I used to work with is working at Disney. I am hoping to use that connection to get in to see what the California Adventure is all about. I have seen DisneyLand, and it is fun. (But, a lot more fun, for me, when I go with a niece or a nephew.) (Especially Small World. I might be the only person in the world over 12 who enjoys going on that twice in a row. But, I am also one of the few people who can listen ot the same CD over and over again.)

Temping is such a good thing. That is how I found my current job. I would guess it could also be a way to meet people. That didn’t work for me, because I am way too shy. But, for the gregarious types it might work.

Sorry, I have hijacked the thread so horribly. I am just feeling chatty today. Just ask anyone whom I have emailed. Sorry again about the name misspell. I know the annoyonce when you see your name a spelled a bit off. That is why I am relieved when people just say Pat. Pat is difficult to misspell. pricciar on the other hand, easy.


Can I just jump in here and give a big public thank you to Sassy as well? What a sweet person!

I would like to jump on the bandwagon and say thanks to Sassy too. The V-Day card was very thoughtful.

You couldn’t take your kitty? That sucks, Esprix.

I got a very lovely e-card as well. It was almost as lovely as the e-card I got from Fred Phelps, my secret gay lover.

Secret to who, Snooooopy? We all knew about it.
The pictures you showed us at the dopefest.
The Fred Phelps brand prophylatics you threw at the screen during the Super Bowl.
And the tatoo that said “Phelpy Bear’s Property” were the clues that gave it away to me.


I’m jumping in and thanking Sassy too!

The virtual chocolate made my day! All of the “yum” factor, none of the calories!

You rule Sassy!

Aw, man! If I’d known my secret was out, I’d have brought my life-size Fred Phelps blow-up doll (bondage gear included) and my nuclear-powered Fred Phelps dildo set.

Oh, Fred … you’re the best.

Dildo set and blow up dolls? Well I guess now that the secret’s out, you won’t be needing me as a beard anymore.

HEY! How come I didn’t get anything?

Sad Scotti

Oh, silly. You and Fred can share me! Fred loves threesomes.

Just saw this, and I want to say you are all very welcome. I don’t post a lot, and it’s rarely appropriate to pop into a thread just to tell someone they are swell. Valentine’s Day seemed a good time to send out some appreciation. This community keeps me sane a lot of the time :slight_smile:

Scotti - your email address isn’t listed, so I couldn’t include you… I checked :frowning:

Sassy, I was kidding.

I appreciate you too, dear heart. And since I can’t do much else, here is a hug for you.


You take very good care of YOU, hear?

(A Sassy Fan)