A question about a McDonald's sandwich...

Here in Cleveland the local McDonald’s are featuring a sandwich called a “Thome Triple” [or “Triple Thome”] a none too subtle reference to Jim Thome who plays baseball for the Cleveland Indians. The advertising is complete with the baseball team’s logo. The sandwich itself is in the shape of a 6-8 inch sub, and is compried of 3 small beef patties, stretched end-to-end and barely overlapping. It has 2 slices of cheese, one whitish, one yellow; mayo, and lettuce.

I’m assuming that only the locals here, or Cleveland baseball fans nationwide even know who Jim Thome is, so a sandwich named the “Triple Thome” wouldn’t make much sense in San Antonio.

My question is this:

Do the McDonald’s restaurants anywhere else have this sandwich?

If so, what do they call it?

I’ve not seen it offered here in the UK.

You’re right; it doesn’t make sense in San Antonio because we have no such sandwich here, either.


I seem to recall that type of sandwich being offered near NY area a while back under some other name. THen again there are many fast foods and it might not be McD’s.

McDonald’s franchises sometimes do experiment with limited (that is, not nationwide) offerings.

I’ts regional … Althouhg Well probably see the same sandwhich called the karros burger ect

Mcd’s is well known for offering regional sandwhiches . .espically if its a franchise and not corporate store

But if its popular theyll add it to their menu like theres a sandwich called " the big n tasty" Thats basically a whopper for .99 that was created in the la county area and wasnt known anywhere else for almost a year

Also they sometimes create regional specific sandwhiches to combat local fast food chains Here in my area there having a bbq burger war going betwene mcd’s carls jr and jack’n the box

But the most popular regional burgers are if im correct was the big mac and quarter pounder created in pittsburg in the 70s

My dad said in hawaii you could get a burger with a pineapple ring and teryaki sauce on it

it was just listed as " managers special "

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Well here in Austrlia, McDonalds has somthing of similar origin, just that instead of mayo, they throw in some sort of Laxa sauce and you can choose between Chicken or Beef. It’s named “The Tanduri Burger”!

Hmmm - “Laxa” sauce sounds a bit unappealing. (The mere name, I mean) What is that like?

I believe they are selling the same thing in CO under a different name, possibly associated with a Rockies player. I was out in Denver a few weeks ago and remember seeing a commercial for the sammich in question. At least I think it was Denver, it could have been Dallas, I was there in May. I just know that I have seen it advertised but just not here in FL and those are the only two places I have been recently.

I remember this sandwich being sold as something to do with the “Batman Returns” movie in 1992. Apparently they dusted off an old blueprint. Anybody else remember this sandwich design from long ago?

Incidentally, it’s not being sold in Dayton, OH.

RGillenHow did the sandwich tie into “Batman Returns”? I can’t remember anything like it. But I don’t eat much fast food, so I’m probably not going to recall a sandwich like that.

I do recall this very same sandwich, and I was also going to mention that I thought it was promoted in conjunction with a Batman movie.

That was in southern Ohio, so maybe that was just an Ohio thing.

The same sandwich was sold in Phoenix a couple of years ago using Jason Kidd - it was a"triple double" or something. More like the triple bypass!

I remember this promotional sandwich when I worked in McD’s in the early - mid 90’s here in Canada (Toronto area)… they had a different sandwich each month as the “Taste of the Month” and this was featured once. It used the same bun as a McRib. I’m sorry but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called…

No, no…the “triple bypass” award has to go to the new Denny’s Triple Play breakfast combo. If I’m not mistaken it’s 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 slices of ham and 2 pancakes. Egads! My blood slows down just thinking about it!

Haven’t seen any advertising for the McDonalds burger here in the SF bay area, but don’t pay a lot of attention to their ads to begin with.

Haven’t seen this sandwich here in D.C. Although I will report that in Maine you can get a McLobster. <shudder>


i.e. the gag lobster rolls that pop up here in New England during the summer.
Oh, dang, someone beat me to it…

Hawaii does have a now-full-time menu item called the McTeri sandwich, but it does not have a pineapple slice. At least the ones on Oahu (which, being the most highly populated island, would be the one to have the cool new stuff) don’t. I can’t speak for the neighbor islands.

I worked at McDs for about 4 years, the latter part of which coincided with the introduction of the McTeri, and neither it nor anything else was referred to as the “manager’s special”.

To answer your question a bit more specifically, McDonald’s does not allow individual franchises to “make up” sandwiches. All sandwiches, promotional or otherwise, must be approved by the home office, along with all associated marketing materials.

In Texas, they have the Texas Homestyle Burger, a permanent addition to the menu, and I seem to remember a George Foreman burger a good while back (this was before his fat-reducing grills came out).

BTW, any baseball fan worth his salt knows who Jim Thome is. :slight_smile: