A question about "Cowboy"(1958)

This was the other day- an old oater starring Jack Lemmon and Glenn Ford. Ford is the head cowboy. The crew is laying around a campfire, and Lemmon wants to go into town, against orders from Ford. As he walks away, Ford reaches down by the fire and picks up a crowbar which he throws at the back of Jack’s legs. A fight ensues. My question is: what’s a cowboy doing with a crowbar? I mean, maybe one would be in the wagon with the rest of the tools. But just laying on the ground by the campfire?

It was a iron brander. For them lil’doggies.

Well now, that makes sense. But I could have sworn Jack referred to it as a crowbar.

I’ve seen the movie several times. I don’t remember a mention of a crowbar. That doesn’t mean they didnt mention it. Maybe they were using it to stir up the coals. Could happen.

Maybe it was a cowbar?

OTOH, crowbars have been around a long time for things like repairing wagons. No reason why a cowboy couldn’t have one lying around.

I’m personally more confused later in the film by the brief appearance of a Mazda Miata.

Fire irons aka pokers are common implements for managing fires. In a rustic setting any old piece of iron bar would do.

Keeping a branding iron in a fire while the crew is lying around doesn’t make sense.